ios 13 remixes of a common error in Apple Tv

Was introduced iOS 13 beta 2 with the number of changes that try to fix many of the flaws in the current operating system, where I got tvOS on the many surprises The amend lab it is used,if you have Apple TV, it is when you connect system-rear speaker, you can be affected by AV common are asynchronous, the processed video signal by the TV at a slightly different time for send the pictures of the speaker system, this leads to delays when the sound is not synchronized with the video frames, Often be noticeable by looking into the movement of the lips is possible.

How to fix ios 13 the problem of the Apple Tv

ios 13 يُعدل من خطأ شائع في Apple Tvios 13 remixes of a common error in Apple Tv

Based on the prepare you the exact, you can vary the size of this delay, this means that the Apple TV can’t correct the offset by itself, however with the iOS 13 and tvOS 13, designed Apple to combat this problem, you can enter the step to configure a new Wireless Audio Sync, then start it by pressing the button in the settings of the Apple TV, you can then use any iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 to start the process, a notification appears on nearby devices, when you tap on the notification, Flow shows as cards pop up on your iOS device, similar to the interface listed AirPods or HomePod.

As part of this process will issue the Apple TV series of tones, and your iPhone then measuring how long it takes to hear the sounds, then this is saved the account on the Apple TV, can for the operating system tvOS after that send the images in advance or later by using the time offset calculated from the data of the Wireless Audio Sync, so sync output audio and video, an audio sync wireless only once, if you change the TV or your audio device may need to follow the steps again, because the delays inherent may be changed.

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