IOS 13 warn users of privacy risks potential while using Facebook


The Apple iOS system 13 new make many of the improvements that targeting privacy, including a new option to log into websites using Apple ID account. Certainly, when it comes to using the services of your Apple TV on iPad or iPhone, you should not encounter any problems. But, what about third-party apps like Facebook?

Facebook is very Has a very bad reputation among users due to its collection of data about them without their consent. How will the new operating system from Apple for this service? Well, while we were wondering about that, reports emerged that a Facebook application called the validity of the spam, which is what was spotted on the phones running iOS 13. Thanks to the new version of the iOS system, the select a Facebook application that the application poses a threat to users ‘ privacy.

Find out site Business Insider that the users who chose to upgrade to the version Golden Master of iOS system 13 they noticed a notification that says ” Facebook would like to use Bluetooth “. As you can see in the tweet above, the application requests the user’s consent, despite the fact that it does not require the use of Bluetooth in the first place. Thus, this indicates the real potential is that it collects data without any consent before the release of the iOS update 13, which is shocking.

With access to Bluetooth, can Facebook track your current location accurately observe Close you are to the other smart phones. It’s shaded already.

Although Android has better control in the powers, except that there are apps still request the powers not necessary. If it was just the application of the third party, it is possible for anyone to ignore it. But if this is something that you want to use it, but you don’t want to risk your privacy, it’s annoying. So, the iOS system of 13 pieces go a long way in protecting users ‘ privacy.

Of course, there is one thing certain, and that is if you choose to use a service belonging to Facebook, you should not expect to get your privacy full. We can only hope that the analysis of Facebook this position.

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