IOS 13 will be new tools for editing photos and videos

iOS 13 can rightly be called a landmark release users finally have at their disposal the dark interface mode, a full download Manager to Safari , and even the Swype keyboard. But there are other equally important changes. These include a new Photos app. In the latest version of OS Apple has managed to turn a plain gallery into a powerful photo editor and video.

Apple has seriously updated the “Photos” in iOS 13 — both externally and internally. The big changes were the tools for editing photos and videos. We can now successfully replace apps from third-party developers. But let’s take first things first.

A large number of new editing tools

Photo editor in iOS 13 acquired many useful tools for processing images. Appeared the possibility to adjust the warmth, colors, sharpness, clarity, noise level, adjusting the shadow and many other parameters. If necessary, the snapshot can be straighten, crop, or adjust perspective in photos. A user is now much more settings — all of this pales in comparison with the possibilities of the gallery iOS 12.

Automatic processing of the

In the Photos it has long been a mode automated photo enhancements. But in iOS 13, the processing algorithm has grown more sophisticated, thanks to machine learning and neural networks. In certain cases, automatic processing to cope with their tasks just fine, and additional changes are not even necessary.


Filters in the Photos app can now be configured with a jeweler’s precision. After selecting the filter there is a scale at which change is changing the intensity of the use of a filter. Quite a useful feature, which has long lacked.

History edit

One of the key changes — edit history. You can always go back to the version that suits you the most, regardless of how much you have made edits.

Video editing

For simple manipulations with videos, more do not have to download iMovie or other video editor. We acquired a large number of possibilities for the processing rollers are supported many filters from the photos, it is possible to rotate the video, adjust the color balance, exposure and more. The video doesn’t even play value — as support for 4K 60 fps slow motion in 1080p at 240 fps.

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