iOS 13 will expand opportunities HomePod

In September of this year, Apple will release the public version of iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, watchOS tvOS 6 and 13. Along with this, the company will update the software on the smart column HomePod. The gadget will get a few new interesting features, let’s go through each of them.

Support for multiple users

One of the most anticipated features HomePod is the ability to recognize voices and thus to distinguish users. Wishes have been heard and Apple has added a smart column that opportunity.

Now when Siri, HomePod will know who it refers to, and adjust the answers accordingly. For example, smart column will now be able to include recommended or favorite songs, to remind about upcoming meetings — and all this will depend on the preferences you set or installed options of any user.

Closer integration

The Apple ecosystem has no equal. But the company continues to improve interoperability of devices among themselves. In the new update the developers have added a quite interesting feature: users can now literally “transfer” to the music playing on my iPhone, on HomePod. To do this go to the smart column and close the smartphone to the HomePod. After this operation, the desired song will play on the HomePod.

By the way, this function works fine with phone calls — and in both directions.

Automation and HomeKit

IOS 13 Apple updated the page HomePod in the Appendix “the House”. The interface has received small visual changes. In addition, the company has integrated smart column in Annex “a Quick Siri command”. Users can now register their scripts HomePod, which will allow you to “program” a smart column to perform any available actions.

The update will be available to all owners HomePod in September of this year.

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