iOS 13 will support multi-camera background and foreground

iOS 13 سيقدم دعم متعدد للكاميرا الخلفية والاماميةiOS 13 will support multi-camera background and foreground

iOS 13 will support multi-camera background and foreground

Apple intends to the US, as announced at its annual conference for developers yesterday, intends to provide support to the multi-camera background and foreground for iPhone and iPad in issuing iOS 13 next.

Supported Apple since a long time to capture multi camera on the operating system macOS since OS X Lion, but until now, prevented the hardware limitations of the ask APIs for iPhone or iPad On system any OS, which made its submission in a copy of any or S. 13 .

Water will become the new application programming interface (APIs) in any or S 13, for developers, submit apps work on the flow of video, audio, or images from the front camera and the camera the background at the same time.

During the conference, Apple introduced the app to record video images that are recorded to the user from the front camera while recording simultaneous from the rear main camera.

Will allow water developers to also control the cameras iPhone or iPad binary benefits of multiple or even a camera tri background which is rumored that Apple will Phones The Faith next to him .

Finally, it will support the camera feature on the new iOS 13 devices, only the latest devices including iPhone XS and XS Max and XR and iPad Pro, Plus phones the faith of the 2019 New.

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