IOS 14 hints for the coming of the iPhone rule with sensor LiDAR

IPad new has included a new sensor which is a sensor LiDAR, this word comes here as a test لـLight Detection and Ranging and is simply an advanced technology normally comes on Android devices! This is where this technology Pack version of the laser wave and then waiting for reflected again, thereby making the calculation of the time period to accomplish this task we are able to manufacture three-dimensional map of the body.

In the iPad, these sensors will be capable of manufacturing three-dimensional models of the surrounding environment, which is what we have come quite excellent with technologies الـAR including apps and games!

iPad pro LiDAR 2

Certainly these sensors, the original size is too large, but Apple somehow managed to develop it and its in the sensors that came in the camera iPad Pro 2020 the latter, this sensor allows to assess the performance of the most excellent during the filming as well as during operation of the techniques الـAR found in the iPad!

Now, the coded first for iOS and 14 revealed a significant probability for the application of in-depth closely by augmented reality AR on phones and the iPhone, of course this application to work properly it needs a sensor الـLiDAR! If we look at it with dedication, then nothing prevents Apple from offering this technology promising in the iPhone killer! Which is what will happen most likely.

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