iOS 14: how to give applications your approximate location only

With updated operating systems iOS 14 وiPadOS 14, you can now give the app your location approximate geographic location instead of GPS coordinates accurate to an iPhone or iPad.

Is the location data from among the more personal information is important, because it is often used to get valuable knowledge about your daily routine, your habits, your places to go to etc.

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At a time where iOS 13 the controls are tight for you, the iOS 14 facilitates the process of sharing your location, but with a smart solution too, by giving the application your approximate location instead of GPS coordinates accurate to your device.

In the iOS system 13 and earlier versions, you can grant the app either access wholesale to the precise GPS location (“always” or “just once”) or does not grant access at all (“never”). Selecting “Always”, the application can get your coordinates geographical precision via Global Positioning System (GPS) so as to cancel the access.

Still these controls exist in both iOS and iPadOS 14. You can, however, now the palace of the data positioning on the ten square miles so that you don’t know the application but your place is an approximation.

When you share the approximate location of the

Some applications depend on knowing your location accurately. One example is the application of the reminders of your Apple company, which uses geo fence alerts based on your location. The longer the camera app is another example because you will need to know where to capture these images exactly.

approximate location iOS 14

But I don’t need a weather app to determine exactly where you are (unless weather app locally). You don’t need apps local news also to know your exact location. Everything you need these types and similar applications is a general idea of where you are.

Continued with us the following steps to learn how grant application and your approximate location only.

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.
  2. Click on Privacy in the list.
  3. Select Location Services Location Services near the top of the screen.
  4. Choose the desired application, such as the Weather or Instagram.
  5. Turn off the exact location of the problem and approximate location only with this app.

Off with this setting, apps can determine your approximate location only. You can also open the settings and the Down Arrow and clicking on an app, then select enter the site to make the changes required.

تحديد الموقع على iOS 14

Easiest way to change the settings to track your location is through the window of the map that appear when you ask you some apps so to get your site. When you seek an application to access the site, you only need click the button in the upper left corner of mini map to switch between viewing the approximate location of the flour.

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