iOS 14: how to hide the Pages app on the Home screen for the iPhone

Besides the advantage of exclusive ‘ widgets the new, the iOS 14 the ability to remove pages of the application (without deleting apps) as a way to customize the Home screen and make it more organized and clear.

Before iOS 14, were the main ways to organize and clean the Home screen pages and other applications are placing applications in folders or delete them or use the cancellation feature analysis for applications offload apps.

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With the latest versions of iOS from Apple it possible to hide the pages of the application. This process works to keep the pages and applications on your device are accessible through the Apps Library to the new App Library, or using Siri, or searching Spotlight, but increase it of the screen to get interface iPhone much simpler.

Note: iOS 14 as a demo version in free in addition to a demo version for developers. Read More Here about how to install it. Keep in mind it is not a good idea to run the demo version on your key until you resolve performance issues and errors and more.

Hide the Pages app on the Home screen for the iPhone

  1. Click continuous to the empty area of your home screen or on any page apps (you can hold down on an app or choose the “Edit home screen” Edit Home Screen)
  2. When you’re in Edit mode, click on the points page of the app in the middle of the screen from the bottom, and uncheck pages of the application that you want to hide
  3. Click Done in the upper right corner
  4. You can show pages of the application at any time by reversing these steps

app pages in iOS 14

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