iOS 14 protects your privacy in new ways

Use Apple TV issue the things possible to its users and added new features to the iOS 14 best controls for the site and identify the images that the application can access. There are also new controls in tracking which require the application must be more transparent about the data it collects about you.

We have tested the first beta version of the iOS operating system 14 advantages of the new privacy own about a week ago, and now have had the opportunity to look right in the new tools. So here’s how to help maintain the security of your personal information and how you will use when you launch the iOS 14 later this year.

No longer need to give the app your exact location:

Until the arrival of iOS 14, when you approve the request the app access to your location, you allow him know exactly where you are, but most applications will work well with your general location.

Location requests from the web sites in the Safari browser is a prime example, they usually have some kind of retail business is the request even be able to find stores near you. Instead of giving a site your address, the Provide where you approximate it will still be possible to find stores nearby, but you don’t give up private information.

We haven’t seen a request for a rough a pop-up even now, and assume that the application must update the operating system iOS 14 the reference to the type of request you want to submit it, but even if the application wants the theme more specific, you can tell iOS 14 give him only your general location.

On the iPhone, open the App (Settings) and go to (privacy) then (Location Services) to view a list of apps that have requested access to your location, then press on any app will open to a precise, pass it to the put (off) to give the app your approximate location.

You can choose the photos that the application can access:

This privacy feature our favorites in the iOS 14 instead of granting the app access to the photo library fully, or not at all, you can now select photos and videos to a specific application can access. So that you have the option of creating an image library, manually selected for specific applications.

The first time you tried an app access to your photo library in the iOS system 14 you will see a prompt asking you if you want to grant access to select the photo or allow access to all the images.

If you choose to specify the images, you are prompted to choose the photos in your library, the next time you want the app access to your photos, you will be asked if you want to add more to its own library or leave it as it is.

At any time, you can go to (Settings) then (Privacy) then (photo) to modify your settings for individual applications.

I know when a microphone or camera is in use:

We’ve all heard the speculation that apps like Facebook or Instagram enter to the microphones of the phone to listen to our conversations and then you know us ads based on what they hear. Didn’t find the test done by the site (CNET) that’s possible, but the theory still exist.

With the new feature in iOS 14 will work when applied to a microphone or camera, there is a new indicator appears at the top (scale signal for iPhone) directly, where you tell your point orange time of the arrival of one of the applications to the microphone, while a green dot indicates that the app accesses the camera.

In the test we have had so far, have not seen the only point in Orange when you use the application diary, and in green when using the camera, and if there wasn’t something else, it provides peace of mind that your conversations are not listening to her in secret.

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