iOS 14 will experience applications pre-installed

iOS 14 سيسمح بتجربة التطبيقات قبل تثبيتهاdays or the S NEW will experience the apps before you install them

Company is working Apple’s apparently a new method in iOS 14 allows for users of the iPhone or iPad allows them to use the features of the app without the need to install them in the next version of any OS.

One can use the new feature by scanning (QR code) that will open the card allows you to use some interactive features to comment on.

For example will scan the QR code to a video on YouTube to open a video inside of the card if the application is not your YouTube the same you have installed.

iOS 14

If you are asking this feature, it may be a way for developers to provide “preview” to apply them without prompting the user to install it, you will have to identify the parts of the application that can be used within (Clip) which is the temporary for the new.

Choose Apple the water is currently working with apps, YouTube, and Yelp, and DoorDash, and OpenTable and PS4 Second Screen of the Sony.

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