iOS 9: the Next step of degradation?

Apple just don’t have time to “lick” to perfection the new version of iOS, it is increasingly accused of betraying the “Apple” of the spirit, in that its main priority is profit (though once it was not). That’s when Steve, they say… But the new, the ninth, the iOS version came out at the appointed time, September 16, 2015. On schedule, as commuter trains in Switzerland. What happened to her predecessor was recognized as intolerable, in order to avoid such shame was undertaken unprecedented measures.

Wanted to avoid not only shame, but also the hectic activity: in small doses this medication, alas, inevitable – but hardly in the world there is something more detrimental to the quality OS than its overdose.

Knowing how they work, some idea of how it was: at the end of 2014 or early 2015 top managers and senior iOS developers held a brainstorming session, according to the canons used at the turn of the Millennium. In 1997-2001, they were held very often, with very good results, then assigned to Steve jobs. Steve just led these cult events, changing the rules and bringing the effectiveness of the “Apple” version of this classic instrument to perfection.

The results of the assault (obvious):

— the first ever iOS public beta-testing;
— the decision to link innovation with the failed launch of Apple Maps in 2012, so no one would know why such testing is needed;
— sales of new iOS devices that can only run on a new version of iOS, to start two days after her debut, and a week.

Must have been planned and other actions, which we will never know. So, spread straw, to the right time made all the preparations in case something goes wrong, perhaps even had training for managers (teachings?), bringing actions to reduce damage from drills to automaticity.

Why can’t they just write the system as it should from the beginning? Before it could, right?

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IOS 9 – what’s new?

One of the most widely read British Newspapers, the Guardian, reported that neither externally nor within the system, nothing has changed. Sensation? The browser did not bother to install iOS 9 on iPhone unknown model to me – and saw nothing new.

The phone still worked, program ran, shots were filmed – nightmare, right?

4-digital password was replaced by a 6-digit (for better security), good old Helvetica Neue for some reason, was changed to kindergarten San Francisco, and changed something else on the little things. I wonder what would the author of the article?

Innovations in “nine” were in abundance. 3D Touch support (the old iPhone had no sense), the technology of intelligent systems and applications (installing only the resources and code for use with this device, the size of the system reduced more than three times, with a large amount of new functionality), the operating limit of the battery consumption, the ability to search first isolated from other applications, etc.

Siri, calculating habits of the owner and gently adapts to them, using all available information (location, time, etc.) to facilitate communication with the person.

Under the hood a lot of innovations to reveal that it had iOS developers.

Especially a lot of useful and interesting was designed for the iPad: this multi-tasking, work simultaneously with multiple applications, and the like. In a year when system for iPad has gained its own name, to remember about iOS 9 is appropriate and timely.

New was a lot, but what is new is not tried to rush into the eyes of casual and unskilled user is not a drawback. The seeker will find.

Before it could?

Bugs were, are and always will be. While there is software. In any new code is bound to have inaccuracies, mistakes and inconsistencies which, no matter how carefully and long was not conducted testing, be sure to go unnoticed and make it into a release. Most of them will be identified and corrected in the next release – but I know of several cases when lurking from time to time the bug was discovered a month before the termination of the support deserved and very reliable versions of several programs.

The bug, which first appeared 4 years after the release of the program – and this happens.

For obvious reasons, to call the programs and their developers, I will not.

Bugs in new iOS releases has happened before. Regardless of who was at the head of Apple, Steve or Tim. iOS 4.2, which was to become the first system at the same time for iPad and for iPhone (iPod touch), was never officially released. The first version was 4.2.1.

This was not the first nor the last such case, just not forgotten about it.

New programs almost always have bugs. Than the program richer and more useful the more it bugs. The operating system is exactly the same program, only very large, rich, and complex interchanges is too smart to never be wrong.

And with iOS 8, by and large, there was nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.

The false start of the eighth version

17 Sep 2014 install iOS 8 became available to all owners of iOS devices are compatible with this version. The first day this option was used by tens of millions of fans progress.

Retribution was brutal. Though not all: many simply did not notice anything, left satisfied and happy. Ready to continue to update your iOS immediately, as soon as possible.

Problems it is not revealed until 17 September, there was a lot. Some of them might cause very serious trouble, and was unacceptable. Immediately started weekly all hands on deck, to which nobody was ready. Solve the problems we had yesterday, the deadline set unrealistic – to force engineers to think faster.

iOS 8.0.1 was released on September 24. All known issues and bugs of iOS 8.0 was fixed. Those without rest or break is repaired the system, allowed to go home. To sleep. An hour later, all was caused on the job. On some models of iPhone in iOS 8.0.1 not working Touch ID, others could not connect to the cellular network, there are other problems which did not exist before.

Apple has withdrawn iOS 8.0.1, advising those who have already established a new series to go back to iOS 8.0 or iOS 8.0.2. Which was released on September 25. Less than a day.

It is because of the urgency and unexpectedness of the situation someone ordered testers not to waste time on a full health check? It is wrong and silly, but under stress, people are capable of the most incredible things.

To iOS 8 for several years, serious problems with the new versions was not. Or they are not manifested in the first months. Sooner or later luck had to end, especially as iOS, though inferior to the OS X volume and complexity, but not dramatically.

A false start the ninth version?

September 16, 2015, iOS 9 is now available to install on compatible devices. 21 Sep iOS 9 was set at half of iOS devices around the world.

Identified user problems were more annoying than fatal, but they were.

The release of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus for which iOS 9 was minimum OS version, was scheduled for September 25.

23 Sep iOS 9.0.1, the pre-scheduled update. Fixed almost all bugs identified by the public: problems with signals, timers and alarms, in assistant installed, when playing videos. All problems have been given the highest priority.

After 2 days off, developers are solving problems with a lower priority.
The result was published on 30 September as iOS 9.0.2.

Outwardly, everything was like happened last year, and they started talking about “they forgot” and “they are degraded”. From time to time pop up problems were waiting in the wings, but it is a feature of any real program or any other complex designs.

To be continued

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