iOS iPadOS 14 and 14 allow you to install third-party applications as the default browser and mailer

Yesterday’s presentation of the 2020 WWDC showed that Apple is inspired by including various chips Android when developing updates to its operating systems. And it’s not bad! If the widgets on the desktop, someone may like, and others don’t-the ability to install third-party apps as the default to please everyone.

Apple paints in detail the features of the new function, only notes that users will be able to choose the application that will be used by default. This applies to the browser and mail client. The company also announced that developers will need to update their apps to add support for this feature.

So now, for example, can select Gmail or Outlook as the email default, and Safari can be replaced by Chrome or Firefox. However, Apple also confirmed that third-party browsers still have to use Apple’s engine WebKit, so Safari they will differ only by the interface and capabilities of sinhronizacija.

Source: The Verge

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