iOS runs smoother than Android, but it is not always better

iPhone и Android

Increasingly, users note that the modern version of the two dominant mobile operating systems, Android and iOS are very similar to each other. But significant differences between the software platforms are still in effect. It is widely known that the iPhone can run more smoothly than Android smartphones. This is achieved by the features of the iOS, which is not only one of its main differences from Android, but also the quality that will not all users.

Many users have heard that the operating system iOS running iPhone and iPad, does not give applications the possibility to run in the background. Many users of popular smart phones from Apple used to exit the application by simply pressing “Home” and, thus, returning to the home screen. At first glance, this is an obvious advantage, but is not so clear. For more information on this new feature in iOS was reviewed on the resource page

So, what’s going on with the app? When you double-click on the “Home” button appears on the screen a list of recently opened applications. App stopped and not using the hardware resources of the device.

In the end, the hardware resources of mobile devices Apple uses the same app with which the user is working at the moment. Thus, iOS, unlike Android, always runs more smoothly. But this approach leads to the fact that iOS is unable to provide long-term work program in the background. For the user this means the probability that the application download is interrupted or stopped playing music if the user switches to another task. Android is used in other, previously discussed, the approach to applications running in the background and the user, if you want to clean the memory from unused apps, have to manually stop them.

Only each user can himself decide what is important — a smoother operation of the software or operating system background processes.

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