IOS system 13 will allow users to delete their apps

iOS 13

Are you looking to delete the apps on your iOS? There are two ways to do this, one of which includes a long press on the app icon until it begins in the soil, and then clicking on the X button to do the task. However, it has decided to Apple to make it easier for users to delete their apps in the iOS system 13 law.

According to those who managed to lay their hands on the beta version of the iOS system 13, it appears that Apple has decided to provide the users the option to delete the apps through the list of updates. And for those who have not heard about the list of updates from before, they are considered part of the App Store where you will find the list of apps installed on your phone which are waiting to be updated.

However, this list in the iOS system 13 the new will not let you just update the app, but it will also allow you to drag any application you want to delete to the left to show the option to delete it also. Once that is done drag to the left and the appearance of the Delete option, the users then confirm to delete the app. Although this feature is not innovative, but having an extra option for users to delete the apps that would make the experience of using the app better.

It is expected that the issuance of the official version and the final of the iOS system 13 later this year, most likely at the same time, will Apple release phones iPhone new, but it remains to be seen whether this feature will remain on their current state until then or not.


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