IOS system 13 will allow users to share photos across the sky with friends


We are sure that some of you may remember the old days when we hear our with our friends, where each person into one of the two speakers. These days, it’s becoming less common, but if you still want to share what you’re listening to with your friend, it may be have iOS 13 feature you may be interested in.

In the iOS update 13 next, it seems that users will be able to share photos with each other. We don’t mean that you will share a link of the song with the other person, but if you have compatible headphones, you’ll be able to already share the photos with your heavens to the other person, which means that you can you and your friend to listen to the song at the same time on separate speakers.

Unfortunately, it seems that this feature is only limited to hearing the specific, or rather the heavens made by Apple. This includes the first and second generation of earphones AirPods, headphones Powerbeats Pro which has been launched recently. Moreover, this feature will be available only on the iPhone 8 or later models, and in the second generation of the iPad Air, and in the fifth generation of the iPad Mini, and in the sixth generation of iPod Touch, the second generation of the iPad Pro 12.9 or later models.

The positive thing in this feature is that each user will be able to control the volume level of your speakers out independently. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the iOS system 13 is currently still in the experimental stage, is expected to be released officially compatible devices later this year.


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