IOS system 13 will appear, notice of cancellation of subscription applications subscription when you delete them

Apple has announced officially about the iOS version 13 of its own operating system and its iPhone and before the iPad, has focused on copies of the system to deliver improvements in performance and design especially in relation to the time of night.


But as is customary with the system, the version updates continue to emerge with time after the test period, the pilot does not.

Have shown the beta version “Beta 2” of the system about the presence of alert feature in conjunction effective in applications when you desire to delete it.

As shown by the second beta version of iOS 13 developers.

It is when any user delete the application from phone it will show small pop-up window in front of him telling him that the application has a requirement valid whether the service or the game or other things.

Thus, the user will watch more before you delete the app on the phone.

In other words the app will generate an alert called to confirm the deletion of the app or unsubscribe from them and continue to delete or even to retain it until further notice.

And besides, the message pop-up will appear with the option to manage subscription in the app or retained.

As well as a letter with an expiry date of subscription and the possibility of renewal once again.

This also is clear from the picture published by Federico Vita of Mac Stories to show the new update that got the iOS operating system 13 .

This is the update just a small change in the way to alert users about their subscriptions.

The company was not announced earlier, but its back with a second beta version of iOS 13 developers.

This comes after Apple made several steps to alert users about subscriptions.

Providing feature show the message confirm your subscription to avoid any accidents while using the app subscribe without attention.

Next to changing policy requirements in the application to force developers not to deceive users jointly in their apps.

A useful feature certainly though it is small, and will definitely raise the awareness of the users towards the app management and subscriptions of their own.

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