IOS system 13 will include a gap in the lock screen

Skip the Apple company to launch the version panel of the operating system iOS 13 next Thursday, and of course with the new operating system will come many of the great features expected but unfortunately the legal system will have is unwanted. It has a security flaw in lock screen.

نظام iOS 13 سوف يضم يأتي بـ ثغرة في قفل الشاشة

نظام iOS 13 سوف يضم يأتي بـ ثغرة في قفل الشاشة

Security researcher Jose Rodriguez discovered a way that will bypass the screen lock on your iPhone running iOS 13, and then be able to access all contacts stored in the device.

According to The Verge, the “Jose” has informed the Apple company in mid-July about the presence of a bug in the demo version of the operating system iOS 13 which allows to open the lock screen of the iPhone, however, note that these vulnerabilities are still active on the version (GM) of the new operating system.

iOS 13

iOS 13

The seriousness of a gap in the version of GM is testing the Golden Master, this version is the updated demo of the system and is the same as the final version launched by Apple for the average user. But it is the same women that say Gladiator downloaded on the devices prior to packaging and shipped.

Do you know what this means! That iPhone 11, 11 Pro now being Download iOS 13 GM them in the factories and scientific and shipped to customers. Which will you a gap to lock the screen. But of course we can’t be sure of this information of the existence of the gap 11 only after the release of the phone.

How it works the gap

In order to process the hack and bypass lock screen of iPhone, the person needs to make a video call via FaceTime and use the voice assistant Siri to activate the screen reader VoiceOver, and you can access contacts of the existing device the iPhone then get the email addresses and phone numbers, addresses, and all this without the need to open the device’s screen (you can see how the implementation of gap by the video below).

Although the implementation of this attack is little difficult because the inventor needs to get the actual for the iPhone the victim for a few minutes in order to start a FaceTime call and enable the feature audio commentary fortunately, that gap does not allow the attacker to access the files of another account such as pictures and videos.

A series of gaps system iPhone

iOS 13

iOS 13

Finally that’s not the first time is the discovery of gaps and threats to the operating system iOS First previous system of iPhone have been gaps, similar as in 2013, with operating system iOS 6.1 where it took hackers a loophole for which allowed them access to phone records and contact information and even sound files and it’s the same hate with iOS 7 and in iOS 8.1 found a loophole that allows to bypass lock screen, as able to “Jose Rodriguez” discover the similar last year on iOS 12.1 and is now found on the same gap with the latest version of the operating system your iDevice the iPhone.

Security researcher explained that for some reason Apple didn’t close it with the iOS 13, but the beta version of iOS 13.1 existing now with the developers was to close the gap by. It is rumored that Apple will launch the update 13.1 in less than two weeks after the release of iOS 13.0 and on September 30, as rumors say.

What do you think about this gap and see it dangerous? And affect find a loophole to lock the screen in the confidence of iOS and Apple’s?


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