IOS system 13 will use your phone the iPhone to fix a problem syncing photos on your Apple TV your


We are sure that we have all seen the videos where the video and audio not in sync. It can be confusing and annoying a bit. There are several ways to fix it, but it seems that with the iOS system 13, the company Apple plans to use your iPhone to help fix the problem of sync audio that you might encounter on your Apple TV your.

This feature is called Wireless Audio Sync, and description of the Apple TV for this feature, it will use your iOS device to measure how long it’ll take the TV for audio and video playback. This is done by running the Apple TV to a series of tones that will be taken by your iPhone, which measure how long it takes to hear those sounds.

After that, will try to check if there is any problem in the sync photos, for example if the sound takes longer to reach the iPhone or get to him faster from the video, it means that the process of synchronizing the audio timing will get re-calibration. And that he is required to perform this step only once, but if you change your TV or sound equipment, you may have to do this process again.

It’s a useful feature to a large extent, we believe that there are probably many people who might use it.


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