iPad 10.2″ before he’s cool and what’s wrong with him

For a long time, lineup Apple has been extremely limited. One smartphone, one tablet, two laptops, AIO, and nettop workstation – that’s all that could boast the company. The range really was pretty bad, but that did not stop Apple to remain relevant and earn good money. But with the development of the company’s lineup began to grow, and then in the course went all – from the old buildings to the processors that are used in Cupertino just would hesitate to apply.

iPad 10.2 with support for Smart Keyboard

The new iPad 10.2” was the best example of how Apple merges illiquid. So at least think those who read specs. After all, it is not only assembled from existing components, but even processor put the same one that was installed in last year’s model. Whether A10 was so cool, whether the time is now, when you can shamelessly for two consecutive years to equip the new one and the same “iron” is not clear, but the fact remains — the new iPad turned out to be half old.

Than good iPad 10,2″

However, all is not so simple. Even if we ignore the larger display, upgrade iPad 10,2” still turned out cool. In addition to the CPU A10, which remains fresh and easily pulls all the apps from the App Store, the tablet has got 3 GB of RAM against 2 GB in last year’s version, and the Smart Connector Smart Keyboard, which previously was considered a privilege of only older models.

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Most likely, the reason Apple went to the equipment iPad 10,2” support Smart Connector and Smart Keyboard, is a new concept of development of tablet computers, which was elected in the company. After the release of the iPad iPadOS all regardless of belonging to the line will be a full devices to work. So it would be strange to have a working unit, to which even the keyboard can’t be connected. Now nobody can say that Apple is releasing a digital frame for bedside use.

What’s wrong with the iPad and 10.2″

But personally, I was haunted by the processor that is installed in iPad and 10.2”. The fact that the practice of equipping new devices with old hardware is an obvious drawback, and the name of his support. Logically Apple should stop releasing updates for the iPhone 7, which first received the A10 in 2021. By the time the smartphone will be for five years, and therefore to maintain it any longer make sense will not be. But at the same time, iPad 10,2” just turned three years, and then Apple will either have to stop releasing updates for it too, which will obviously not approve of users, or to renew for him the timing of the updates the iPhone 7, which is not quite logical. And how could we solve this problem? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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Probably to get out of this situation is possible by means of a radical separation and iOS iPadOS. This can be done by ceasing to link innovation systems to innovation in another way it is happening now. Indeed, despite the different names, tablet, and smartphone OSes today, in fact, are one and the same platform. But if Apple will develop iPadOS model macOS, introducing new features every quarter, and, say, once a year, and to support iPad will be longer than the iPhone. I am more than confident that the owners of tablets not even too upset if in Cupertino will deprive them of support slofie, mode Studio photography and others, in General, purely smartphone chips for an extra couple of updates.

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