iPad Air 3: how to understand the names of Apple tablets?

18 March 2019 Monday and a week before the press conference at theatre of a name of Steve jobs, Apple started sales of “absolutely new iPad Air”, presenting his press release. It was not just another iPad, it was the first iPad to the new class, the middle in the product line. The official name of the new Air is extremely simple: just iPad Air. Once there was another one iPad Air, with exactly the same name. Fortunately, in ordinary life, to the whims of Apple to follow is optional, and is called a novelty iPad Air (2019) or iPad Air 3. That’s just his ancestor was not the iPad Air 2.

How to understand among the iPad?

The closest he to iPad Pro second generation (2017) with a screen diagonal of 10.5 inches. Externally they are almost indistinguishable: the same body, same screen size diagonally, the same Smart Connector exactly in the same place, the same Lightning connector – to design and manufacture well saved. Performance iPad Air 3, iPad Pro is superior to the second generation, as is Apple A10 X Fusion it used Apple A12 Bionic, the same system-on-chip as in the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max. With the same amount of RAM (3 Gigabytes) that the iPhone XR.

Case iPad Air 3 (or iPad Pro is 10.5” the second generation)

The task facing the designers revived the Air stood contradictory as life itself: they were instructed to develop a powerful and attractive tablet the price of which would be for strictly defined limits. The victim had to bring a part of the functions of the iPad Pro with 10.5 second generation: technology ProMotion (automatically regulate the frequency sweep of the screen, with the possibility of increasing to 120 Hz) instead of the back camera 12 MP used the camera in 8 MP. But the front camera 7 MP to change to something cheaper did not – apparently, given in the specification price has been able to meet without it. Once in the hands of users, Air 3 earned another nickname: “ПолуPRO”. Compared to budget iPad 6th generationprices start with $ 329, the iPad Air 3 is a real monster. Prices Air 3 start with $ 499.

Some details of iPad Air 3

System-on-chip Apple A12 Bionic performance was superior to system-on-chip two years ago (Apple A10X Fusion), while it dissipates less energy. A12X Apple iPad Pro third generation is markedly more powerful – but also more expensive. From 799 dollars and above. This, if I’m not mistaken, the most productive tablet in the world, but not without flaws. To treated very carefully, but the iPad Air 3, although not so trendy (a Home button with integrated Touch ID in it’s second generation Lightning to connect to the charger, strap reduces the size of the screen), but to break his hands, or when transporting in a bag is much more difficult.

iPad Air 3 in the context

Screen with a resolution of 2224х1668 pixels (264 ppi), LCD, anti-reflective and oleophobic coating, IPS technology and a True Tone, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz (not ProMotion, but the bounds of decency). The color gamut of DCI-P3. Support for AirPlay on Apple TV starting from 2nd of their generation. Currently, neither the cursor nor the device control coordinates are not supported – but perhaps iPadOS this will be possible. In any case, the iPad Air 3 on the Apple website indicated in the list of devices, with full support iPadOS.

Model, configuration and price

IPad Air 3 “only WiFi” model ID iPad11,3. IPad mini 5 “only WiFi” model ID iPad11,1. They are really very similar. iPad Air 3 “WiFi + Cellular” – iPad11,4. The model of the “WiFi + Cellular” is produced in three variations for different geographic areas and operators. In all these variations, in addition variations for people’s Republic of China has supported Nano-SIM card and eSIM eSIM in China is prohibited, and the iPad Air 3 to this country two Nano-SIM slot.

Configuration iPad Air 3 differ by flash memory capacity, there are only two 64 GB and 256 GB. The iPad Pro is 10.5” was a configuration of 512 GB, but in the middle class it was considered inappropriate. Model “WiFi only” in these configurations is 499 and 649 dollars, excluding taxes and fees. The model of the “WiFi + Cellular” is 629 and 779 dollars. A little expensive, but nothing can be done. The device is quite attractive.


On the edges of the body connector Smart Connector. However, where this connector was the iPad Pro is 10.5”. So the iPad Air 3 is compatible with Smart Keyboard (first generation, not with Smart Keyboard Folio). Keyboard for iPad Air 3 is sold separately for $ 159. In addition, the iPad Air 3 supports the Apple Pencil first generation (with charging via Lightning connector). But the pen second-generation iPad Air does not support. Induction charger to iPad the middle class to build did not, this would lead to an increase in its prices. But the classic Apple Pencil first generation costs “only” $ 99, not $ 129 – as Apple Pencil of the second generation.

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