IPad killer may not contain a headphone port!

Experience maybe resent him a lot! As Apple removing the headphone port of the iPhone two years ago going to Apple to do the same thing again, but this time with the iPad, the new rule according to the news website of the famous Japanese Mac Otakara, citing suppliers who deal with Apple.

أجهزة الآيباد القادمة قد لا تحتوي على منفذ سماعات الرأس!

Specialized design for your iPad next

After the removal of the headphone port of the iPhone, and turned Apple TV to rely on the speakers wired to the Treaty on the charging port and which come by default with the device, and headphones AirPods Wireless Bluetooth can be purchased, and this is what will happen with the iPad coming as this will be the leading options for retailers in front of the user.

When you remove the headphone port of the iPhone was an argument Apple that the new design requires it to add the feature of water resistance and provide more space for the battery and the rear camera, but with the large size of the iPad does not seem that the design requires additional space to remove this product, which is due the premise of deliberately Apple to impose our philosophy on the user and the industry as a whole.

أجهزة الآيباد القادمة قد لا تحتوي على منفذ سماعات الرأس!

Specialized design for your iPad next

IPad coming from the perspective that change a broad-level design by reducing the edges of the screen and add Face Detection Face ID, and change the position of the Keyboard port to be use more in keeping with the new design, it is expected that Apple announced a new version of my pencil Apple Pencil after three years to launch it for the first time.

In the month of September will be the official Conference of the annual Apple TV, and waiting to say Apple’s announcement of three new versions of the iPhone next to the new versions of the iPad, and also the official launch of the system iOS 12.

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