iPad mini 3: not what it seems

It was called disappointment of the year. Perhaps it was so. Apple brazenly climbed on the new segment of the tablet market, conquered for him a foothold, successfully expanded, and suddenly the next model, the main direction turns out to be a disappointment. The market is a war, a clash of will, skill and luck of the opponents. Good luck on that and good luck to sometimes go to the other. Back to our tablets, much depends on the originality and novelty of the idea embodied in the product. The originality and the novelty of a double – edged sword. They either bring success or cause significant harm. Sometimes even fatal.

Apple’s history of such errors darkness. Beautiful and bold idea to use the iPhone 4 as the antenna led to the scandal. Remember Antenagate? The antenna of the iPhone 4 was tested thoroughly and repeatedly, but no one had thought to keep it a little differently.

The Apple III could be an important milestone in the development of computer technology, but stupid mistakes in the details, fierce and brooked no objection, the will of one person, turned it into a failure. And wrong this “one man” with the best of intentions.

But the iPad mini 3 any technical mistakes was not. He is almost one to one copied the iPad mini 2, and worked not worse – that is, flawlessly. It sold well, and was not required to take back, returning paid money for it.

Why did he become frustrated?

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Continuation of the series about the iPad mini

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We were deceived?

The iPad mini 2 (declared as iPad mini with Retina Display, but quickly renamed) the device was a system-on-chip Apple A7, developed by Apple.

CPU – the world’s first 64-bit mobile processor, Cyclone (overclocked to 1.3 GHz), GPU – 4-cluster PowerVR G6430 from Imagination Technologies company. In 2013, the system-on-chip “tearing” of the competition.

The iPad mini 3 had the same system-on-chip with the same clock frequency of the CPU, and even with the same amount of memory (in the neighboring system-on-chip chip). Only 1 GB. The Apple A8 has already been developed and used in real products. In much more cramped conditions, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPad mini 2 the Apple motion coprocessor M7, jointly developed by NXP Semiconductors and Apple – and the iPad mini 3. Although there are already Apple M8, which is also already being used in real products.

iPad mini 3 is the same iPad mini 2, not even a speed-bump. New there Touch ID and gold color scheme. The fact that the variants with 64 and 128 Gigabytes of flash memory have become cheaper by $ 100. Due to the fact that the version with 32 Gigabytes, as that of the iPad Air 2.

To make such changes, even if the beyond careful and thorough testing and inspection for a couple of months. That is, releasing the iPad mini 2, all his force the developers along with the managers played the fool, and then blinded something “to fuck off”?

Latest absolutely incredible. This direction is of special importance, this regular reports to the supervising senior management, and very often – both to cook.

What’s the matter?

Another oddity

Apple innovates, slight insanity and awesome thing which seems to be nothing special, but they still cling to the soul? No.

It is bureaucracy which has no equal. One of its manifestations – the identifiers of the models. With them sometimes there are minor glitches – as in any bureaucracy – but they are assigned very meaningful, and not just.

And suddenly the anomaly. Models iPad Air (first of 2013) were identifiers iPad4,1 (only WiFi) iPad4,2 and iPad4,3 (WiFi+Cellular for different regions of the world). The iPad mini 2 they were iPad4,4 (WiFi) iPad4,5 and iPad4,6.

In 2014 it released the iPad Air 2 (iPad5,3 – only and WiFi iPad5,4 – WiFi+Cellular). According to tradition, logic and the rules of naming identifiers – what are they supposed to be the iPad mini 3? iPad5,1 – only and WiFi iPad5,2 – WiFi+Cellular. Otherwise, simply can not be. But…

With different options for different regions was done, it was done as soon as the opportunity came. Simpler, more convenient, less reason for a fatal error. It happened just in 2014.

But iPad mini 3 is three models: the iPad4,7 (WiFi only), iPad4,8 and iPad4,9. And that was supposed to come out into the light as the iPad mini 3 (forgive me for the violation of chronology, really need), all-taki came. 2015. Like the iPad mini 4, IDs of the model. iPad5,1 – only and WiFi iPad5,2 – WiFi+Cellular.

What happened?


Claiming that the iPad screen diagonal can’t be much smaller than 10 inches, Steve is probably still wrong. Perhaps he’s too well-thought of people I don’t know.

Best “shot” it is a small tablet, with a diagonal from 7 to 8 inches. It is an objective reality, one can argue about the reasons for this bias, but against reality will not mind.

iPad mini (the first) was no exception. Despite the low resolution of the screen, he quickly took the first line of the rankings, slightly behind the larger iPad (the screen).

iPad mini 2, “nee” iPad mini with Retina display”, easily beat normal iPad, with the devastating account. Data on the ratio of sales has not been published, an iPad with a diagonal of 9.7 inch, sold very well, many think like Steve jobs and the iPad mini is not for them, but this ratio seems to have not much liked someone at the top.

Apparently, everything was ready (early beta stage). What could make the iPad mini the Apple A8 is scary to even imagine.

The company’s management realized that the new iPad mini seriously threatens the iPad Air, which already invested a lot of money. Cannibalism. Remember the story of the aboriginal people who have eaten cook? Not cook, but you get the idea.

And out this iPad mini 3 is canceled. Deferred to the future. Instead, of iPad mini 2 for a concise time, decided to make something simpler and weaker.

The potential iPad mini 2 was still hoo and disappointing experts he the audience liked it. With him no problem, Apple’s A7 and Cyclone was still at the height turned out.

Along with the iPad Air 2 were to get another, more modern, iPad mini 3, which has already been assigned IDs model ( iPad5,1 – only and WiFi iPad5,2 – WiFi+Cellular).

Apple to comment on this version have refused.

To be continued

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