iPad mini with Retina display: how it all began

The release of the first iPad mini, the market was triumphant, but one thing clouded the joy of the audience: the screen of the iconic device was not Retina. Despite this and other shortcomings, it swept away from the shelves. Technically competent the reviewers are unable to say anything comforting about this, predicting the fulfillment of that dream in two years, maybe three. And it was wrong.

The fact that the people called iPad mini 2and the Apple marketing team have dubbed “iPad mini with Retina display” was announced on 22 October 2012. Externally, on a computer screen or a television set, he seemed the same as his ancestor.

But 1 Nov 2013 being in the hands of those for whom hundreds of Apple engineers worked hard during a year in emergency mode, and many of those suddenly hated new product, calling it a “fat iPod nano”. If you forgot, was such an unlucky generation iPod nano. Here we go again.

iPad mini with Retina display was actually thicker and heavier than the first model. Thicker by 0.3 mm, heavier by 23 grams. If you compare iPad mini “only with WiFi”. iPad mini with Retina display and cellular transceiver weighed 29 grams heavier than the iPad mini first generation. Agree, it already in any gate…

And they only could? How could they tell the difference?

Not everyone was happy with the display, but it was rather connected with the “lottery”: Apple is not the first year already purchased displays from several vendors, some of their displays were worse (but meet the requirements of Apple). Some of them will be in your instance, not examining it, to know it was impossible.

I have the screen of my iPad mini 2 claims was not there – I use it until now.

However, the caravan is barking and dogs go, sales continued to break records. It has become so familiar that no one could not imagine that someday it will end.

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As it is now called?

Train of thought marketing service of Apple is understandable, but sympathy does not cause. They were taught: the most important competitive difference from the previous models should be emphasized.

Outside of an Apple long name did not stick. This mini even before his birth was the iPad mini 2 some time to the long version of the name was trying to get used to, but very soon the unofficial name of the final victory of the official version. In 2014, the popular nickname of the iPad mini 2 was its official designation.

I’ll call it the iPad mini 2.

By the way, the section name is also not simple: in Soviet times, this was a spy film, “what is your name now?”, this is a quote.


To distinguish the new iPad mini from its predecessor the naked eye it was almost impossible. The height and width they were same – same 200х134,7 mm. the Thickness of the first iPad mini was 7.2 mm, the second is 7.5 mm.

IPad Air case width was the same. It can be considered as another signature feature of iPads 2013. Another such feature was the model IDs.

iPad mini 2 is iPad4,4 (only with WiFi) iPad4,5 (supports cellular communication for almost all countries of the world) and iPad4,6 (supports cellular communication for mainland China).

The IDs of the iPad Air was also iPad4,*, where the asterisk denotes a number from 1 to 3.

Left iPad mini 2 “c WiFi only” right “c WiFi and cellular communication”:

The model of the “only with WiFi” and weighing 331 grams, model c Wi-Fi and cellular communication – 341 grams.

More weight – the inevitable price to pay for supporting the display density of 326 pixels per inch. All under the law. According to the law of conservation of energy. The battery capacity has increased by 44%. And grew heavy.

And no sapphire coating on the button or ring is Touch ID in the iPad mini, like its larger counterpart, decided not to use.

Inside the iPad mini 2

The heart of the new iPad mini was Apple’s A7, just not so powerful and hot in its larger brethren (which APL5698), and APL0698, the same as in the iPhone 5s, with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz.

It turned out that the power of PowerVR C6430, even if it is not to force, is enough to manipulate with more than three million pixels.

Battery capacity, compared to the first iPad mini was increased from 16.3 W*h to 23.8. Traditional 10 hours of battery life iPad mini 2 was kept (first 4 years), after which the length of free flight has been reduced. In the sixth year the battery lasts for 6-8 hours.

The Apple M7 is present, as most of the chips from a set of iPad Air.

Memory – 1 GB LPDDR3 (1066MHz).

To be continued

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