iPad Pro 2020 will get the 3D camera

Next year promises to be interesting not only for the iPhone range, but also for professional Apple tablets. If you believe the insiders, the company has developed innovative triple camera module with 3D sensors – specially designed for iPad Pro 2020. This camera will allow Apple to seriously improve the quality of the images, and also to work with augmented reality on a more qualitative level.

IPad Pro concept 2020 in different colours

In 2018 Apple has really outdone herself, releasing an iPad Pro with a new design and uncompromised performance. The new tablet showed himself only the good side and the only drawback could be called a relatively “weak” cell. But next year, Apple will fix this defect.

Triple camera module will surely be a great help for the professional line of Apple tablets. According to rumors, the camera future tablets will consist of three components: the wide-angle module, zoom lens, and a sensor, built on a ToF sensor.

ToF-camera (Time of Flight) is a special sensor that uses the speed of light to measure the distance to the object. Using time and properties of light, the sensor can calculate distance with pinpoint accuracy, like a laser rangefinder. This technology allows you to read not only spatial information but also to identify depth of field and the motion of objects.

Let’s consider, which can come in handy of such an innovative triple camera module.

The photo and video quality

Triple camera looks much more appropriate on the iPad than on the iPhone

An array of cameras allows to obtain images of higher quality, even in low-light conditions — as the extra lens allows you to capture more light.

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It is expected that the ToF module in its capabilities will be comparable with front sensors TrueDepth, which means that the portrait photos with depth of field effect will be worked out much better.

Augmented reality

ARKit and games

Apple for several years, pays great attention to the field of augmented reality. The company actively develops this theme by citing third-party developers to create apps and games with support for AR.

Obviously, the introduction of 3D-sensors will go here only for the benefit of ToF-sensor can construct a detailed map of the world, which undoubtedly will affect the realism of generated virtual objects. In this respect, Apple may in the years ahead of the nearest competitors. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Optical zoom

Camera specifications iPhone XS

Thanks to two additional modules, the iPad Pro sample 2020 will get the option of optical zoom. The increase will triple. For comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max fitted with lenses, capable only of 2-fold optical zoom. And is there a need for this feature on the tablet? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

Insiders believe that this triple module with ToF sensor, in the future will be powered and iPhone. However, the updated iPad Pro will hit the market slightly earlier release is planned for March 2020. Waiting for?

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