IPhone 11 might be called Pencil Apple Pencil

We didn’t hear any rumors about the support of the Pencil Apple Pencil for iPhone coming this year, but according to one of the manufacturers for the phones iPhone, it has created a list of non-clear for iPhone 11 Pro with open the registry Apple Pencil on the back.

Incorporated company Olixar on the website of MobileFun’s coverings phone iPhone 11 Pro for sale in Britain. It also covers available for pre-order worth £ 20, includes all the cap space in the back dedicated to pen the Apple TV is small in size.

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The design of these covers from the skin of the original rebel, as their design gives your phone good protection and stylish shape and high, with the further convenience of the registry Apple TV in the back.

There are a few covers iPhone 11 other listed on the website of MobileFun, which appear under the camera Square in the back. But on the subject of the registry Apple TV, it is not yet clear what would be the case when the version of the phone effectively, but it just keeps the expectations and rumors.

iPhone 11 أغطية

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