iPhone 11 Pro Max lost Chinese smartphones quality photo

Despite the fact that many Android users claim that their smartphone is better than iPhone, in fact some of them secretly wants to break out of the shackles of “green robot” and change to iOS. After all, what would neither was proprietary mobile operating system from Apple, with glands at the company from Cupertino always everything was great. At least a few years ago when it raced competitors, trying to lick a particular time. However, in 2к19 the situation really has not changed in favor of Apple, because there were producers able to produce something more advanced than she is.

Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max is good, but not as much as the Chinese smartphone

Experts DxOMark involved in testing of cameras in modern smartphones tested iPhone 11 Pro Max. After the inspection, the flagship Apple has received 117 points, whereas the maximum score ever awarded was part of the audit DxOMark — 121. It received a total of two smartphones, and they are all running Android. The first who managed to conquer such an assessment has become Huawei Mate Pro 30, and the second – the new Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro which is not even a flagship model.

How good is the iPhone camera 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max makes a good photo in difficult conditions. But they can’t be called perfect

In General, the camera iPhone 11 Pro Max received positive reviews from critics. They appreciated the wide dynamic range images, the colour level regardless of ambient lighting conditions and, of course, the technology of Deep Fusion. It is responsible for post-processing of the frame, analyzing each pixel and converting thus to minimize the amount of noise and increase detail. As a result, the output is fairly high-quality images, but not in all scenarios.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max very naturally blur out the background, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the subject from the background

For example, DxOMark experts have noticed that in portrait mode iPhone 11 Pro Max can clearly separate the background from the subject, causing blurred not only the background but also part of the front, which should have been sharper. It is noticeable in this photograph. Here the camera of the smartphone has blurred the part of the elbow and the hair on the crown. This happens with many devices, but there are those who work more intelligently, eroding the only part of the picture you want to blur.

As the iPhone takes on an extra wide viewing angle

Ultrasonically camera is perfect for shooting architecture

iPhone 11 Pro Max is able to shoot ultrasonically lens, which has one of the widest viewing angles of 13.7 mm. However, the photos that work with it, seriously inferior frames on the main module. The worst affected by aperture because of what the pictures are starting to make noise. The quality of night pictures iPhone 11 Pro Max is also inferior to Chinese flagships. Despite the support of a special mode for shooting in low-light conditions, a closer examination of the individual components of the frame are clearly visible noise.

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Night shot taken on the iPhone camera 11 Pro Max

Night shot taken on camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max good and surpasses many of its competitors. However, in direct comparison with Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi CC9, of course, she loses. Largely affects the resolution of the matrix used in the iPhone, which is much lower than the Chinese. Despite the fact that at one time it was assumed that the number of megapixels does not affect the quality of the image, practice has shown that it was a mistake, and the resolution has no less impact on image quality than sensor size or siteselect each individual pixel.

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