IPhone 11 Pro works on the collection of location data even with the closing of the water

Confirmed researcher Brian Krebs in a publication stated in his blog recently that the iPhone 11 Pro is working on collecting the location data of the user even in the case of the closure of this choice.

The noted security researcher in his blog that the monitoring of the collection of phone iPhone 11 Pro location data intermittently, even in the case of tuning each application installed on the phone or services independently on the choice not to collect location data.

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And I’ve made the Apple choice in the Settings allows the user to close the feature to collect location data through privacy settings, and then choose the tab Services website, where you can choose the closure of the collection of location data, and this choice is to identify applications that require the user’s location data.

On the other hand, allows Apple to choose another users can close the collection of site data in each application separately, where this can choose to work on disabling some of the services in full, in particular focusing on identifying the user’s location.

Show this problem when you disable the choice of data collection site for each application independently, and not when you disable the collection of location data via the main settings, a problem spotted in the beginning when you update some users for iOS 13 from the operating system.

Recall that Apple indicated in a comment on this problem that it does not represent a security threat to users, they feature come to support users.


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