IPhone 11 will amend angles to the FaceID to unlock the phone effectively for

The day involved all of Mark Gurman and Debby Wu from the website of Bloomberg Rich about the definition of some predictions about Apple products coming in next fall -in the month of September – which will be all of the iPhone along with the iPad, previous, Mac and a number of other devices.

For iPhone new it will come with rear camera three lenses one of those lenses will be wide lens where it will improve the mechanism for dealing with low light and also the devices will new tools for photo editing.

The report also -which is the most important part – have the expectation that technology FaceID, facial recognition will be the corners of a broader vision and more effective, which will feature users may need to do a lot, namely the possibility of unlocking the phone is on the table or office, without having to hold and lift it.

Besides all this phones new stat with the new processor Apple A13 which will also come strictly manufacturing 7 nm this coupled with the processor, the secondary will be mounted inside the phone which is yet known by the name of code “Matrix”.

Source: MacRumors

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