iPhone 11 will have a powerful power supply with USB-C. But who will pay for it?

Complete charging 5 watt that comes with the iPhone a dozen years, has become one of the most famous examples of the greed of the manufacturer. During this time it practically ceased to cause irritation, becoming a cause for ridicule from strangers and self-irony – from its. But when almost all have accepted the current state of things, resigned to the fact that fast charging should be bought separately, in Cupertino agreed to cede to the users.

According to the authoritative Japanese publication Mac Otakara, iPhone XI, which will be released this coming September, will be equipped with 18-watt power supply and a cable with Lightning to USB C. Such a set means that iPhone new generation will be able to charge their devices at an accelerated rate, using regular memory instead of having to buy additional accessories, spending their own money on accessories that other manufacturers put in the package with their smartphones.

Fast charging for iPhone

Despite the fact that users have long asked Apple to equip its flagship iPhone more powerful power supply, for the company, this solution can become more meaningful than we can imagine. Given that a set of 18-watt charger with Lightning cable-USB-C is $ 48, it is quite unpleasant for the company situation. By their actions, Apple not only makes the package more expensive, but the risk is to kill the end fast charging for iPhone, lost considerable money.

We know that Cupertino is rarely something to give us for free. So there is no doubt that Apple will offset the cost of a powerful adapter and cable for USB-C at the expense of users. However, it is not clear how exactly this can be done either by increasing retail prices, which will further bring down the sales of Apple smartphones, either by reducing the cost of components for the future smartphone, which, given the upcoming upgrade of the cameras, too, is unlikely.

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