IPhone 12 is still on schedule to launch it in the fall

There was a lot of speculation recently about whether Apple will delay production of the iPhone 12 or not, either because of difficulties in the supply chain or because of concerns that demand won’t be violin is available by the fall.

Says a new report that the production of iPhone 12 of the supply chain, Foxconn is still on schedule, although there are still doubts about suppliers when it comes to mass production in the summer.

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It is reported that Apple is considering a delay of the schedule of all the planned group of the next generation of iPhones. It seems that the 5G iPhone, which are broadly referred to as a series of “iPhone 12”, it was supposed to be shipped in September.

However, the current situation of Apple to discuss whether we should postpone the phone for a few months. In addition to the supply constraints apparent, it is said that Apple is concerned that customer demand for a new flagship phone will be weak where the impact of MERS-CoV on consumer confidence and spending.

It is expected to release Apple TV in the autumn the four models allow (iPhone to 12), including the model a value of 5.4 inches, the growth of the two screen measuring 6.1 inches, the model a value of 6.7 inches, and it is rumored that all devices include screens (OLED) and the networks of the fifth generation (5G), with a new design that includes a metal frame the edge of the flat, such as the (iPad Pro) or (iPhone 4).

Unlike iPhones 2020, the new report from Bloomberg warns that Apple devices of the future may be delayed due to problems in the supply chain clear buy Apple TV, where they do not represent the Foxconn is only one part of the manufacturing partners for Apple, the technology giant is usually months to get the ingredients from around the world.

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