IPhone 12 Pro will come RAM 6GB

Let one of the accounts of the famous leak that the model of my iPhone 12 Pro leading – iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – increase memory random access RAM amounting to a capacity of 6GB, while staying a pair of models to at least the degree of used RAM 4 GB like family iPhone 11 current.

According to a recent tweet @L0vetodream on Twitter, the versions of the cutting-edge only iPhone killer will contain 6 GB of RAM.

I know of

Why the increase in RAM capacity is?

May be enhancing the ram something with respect to these models, which contain three cameras, the background to the side of the scanner, LiDAR Commons about it, which will require random access memory, additional processing (not containing models of iPhone current 11 with 4GB RAM on the scanner LiDAR).

It is also possible to enhance these models the accuracy of the screen, particularly with the high-class Main from 6.5 to 6.7 inches. As a result of having a screen with a higher resolution, require these phones random access memory for the storage of the frames in the temporary memory.

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