IPhone 2019 may use camera technology from Sony

There were reports earlier support iPhones 2019 with a camera related to the depth of the scene elements, to avoid experience to the user.

After having provided Apple’s front-facing camera in the latest iPhone can recognize the depth of 30,000 points on a person’s face after shed laser, thus enjoying the ability to map the three-dimensional face of the user, so that the system can be used facial recognition to unlock phones for iPhone X processes and different authentication.

Stating that previous reports that Apple will camera learn all the elements of the scene the three dimensions -not of persons only, using the sensor time-of-flight, which measures the depth of any point in the scene (within a specified range, often 3 meters) calculates the time it takes the reflection of the laser beam that sends it.

Sony’s leading camera phones, began mass-production of cameras time-of-flight for last summer, the company will be of the size of the production after she attracted the attention of Apple and potential partners and others, according to a report Bloomberg.

It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV won’t be the only one that will be used like cameras, then the camera already exists in several phones including Onur view 20. It is expected Satoshi Yoshihara, head of the Department sensor camera in Sony – spread of this type of cameras in phones the beginning of April next.

For add available of camera 3D wallpaper is to enhance the photography experience in general, and improve the experiences of augmented reality applications that rely on the definition of the dimensions of the elements of the scene in order to add virtual elements to it.

Although having a camera time-of-flight is consistent with earlier rumors saying that the iPhones 2019 will come back with three, they do not face the expectations of the Analyst Expert Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that a camera with treatment in the models of the iTouch current is able to collect the necessary information about the depth of the scene without the need to add a new camera.

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