IPhone 2019 Next – do you choose to my charger iPhone slow and Lightning is?!

We still have plenty of time until the coming of the phones to the new iPhone in late 2019 ongoing however, as always, don’t leave leaks and rumors any detail without mentioning them and talking about them, there are recent reports regarding the charging port and a charger for phones iPhone expected this year.هواتف آيفون 2019 القادمة - هل يختفي شاحن الآيفون البطيء ومنفذ Lightning؟!

هواتف آيفون 2019 القادمة - هل يختفي شاحن الآيفون البطيء ومنفذ Lightning؟!

USB-C substitute for a Lightning is?

The site of Bloomberg News the famous quote recently a report stating that Apple is currently working on the development of the USB-C port for the iPhone next in the year 2019, replacing the outlet Lightning the traditional user in the phones and iPhones since 2012.

Apple has already made this step with the iPad last what makes it is available with phones, the iPhone also. One of the reasons why Apple behind it is to make phones the new iPhone compatible with most chargers and other devices to modern Android phones.

Rapid charger in the box purchase

One of the cons cell phones iPhone they always come charger slow in the box of purchase, though phones the iPhone supports fast charging technology since 2017 Any with iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X and newer, to take advantage of this feature depends on the user buying Chargers quick.

The timing of some reports that say Apple included a quick charger in the box with the phones the iPhone killer don’t even speak the user’s charging the iPhone in 3 hours or resort to the purchase of chargers fast.

Dreams in the wind!

All of the above was all a web of optimism in the souls of those who are waiting for phones iPhone coming this year, however, the site Mac Otakara Japanese returned from the new report doesn’t tell us that Apple will continue to use separate Lightning traditional as well as the normal charger 5-watt power for the sake of reducing costs!

Natural that the reports and rumors about Apple products there is no to now anything official about this or that, and just wait until September when the official announcement!

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