iPhone 2020.. leaked specifications of iPhones next year

Maybe you’ve heard of reports that describe the demand for phones iPhone 11 for the weak, which I don’t use it, being adopted the iPhone’s design for the second year frequently; get ready for a radical change next year!

It was usually Apple that the design of the iPhone every 3 to 4 years, which is confirmed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo competent on Apple in a research note writer “if iPhones next year, adopts a new design and support of networks of the fifth generation and comes with updates on the camera”.

Analyst Kuo, is one of the closer sources that provide information about Apple products of the future before the announcement. Although it did not require details of the new design, we can discuss some points.

First, it seems certain that Apple will abandon the glass structure you provided with the iPhone 8/ X, What glass is that provides the wireless charging feature, and the knowledge that we know today does not provide water, or the same event at least.

Secondly, it is said that Apple will design the iPad Pro in iPhone; this means the design of flat thin, to receive the edges of the screen the high notes, which contains a front camera; note that this does not mean that the retrieval button home, which requires the edges of the large.

Thirdly, in early September, noted a Bloomberg report that Apple choose to return the fingerprint reader in models of principle lives by 2020, and often will be the reader insight built-in the big space of the screen.

The source added that a reader compact footprint network Touch ID will work in harmony with the recognition of three-dimensional facial Face ID to enhance the safety factor. This is somewhat in line with the necessity of having the edges thin like the design of the iPad Pro to include sensors for facial recognition, otherwise it was the first replacement notes large bnwt small.

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Recall that the Apple TV always affect the rest of the phone manufacturers design new, nor lose sight of the revolution of the notes which evolved into the holes of the screen phones as well as Note 10, so hopefully that satisfies the design for your new iPhone for all tastes.

Finally, it is in this moment where there are no iPhones 2020 only keep the initial, what we have mentioned is not just speculation from sources related to Apple, and is likely to contravene the final result of the design selection of the iPhone next year.

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