iPhone (2020) will have major changes

This year Apple is not going to surprise the audience – and iPhone iPhone 11 11 Max won’t get revolutionary change. However, this does not mean that the company is stagnating – on the contrary, Apple is hard at work on the iPhone (2020), which will be many innovations. Blaine Curtis, an analyst at Barclays, decided to lift the veil and tell you about the key changes of new products next year.

According to experts, iPhone (2020) will have global changes in design and in interior architecture. Here is a brief list of innovations:

  • The flagship model of the 2020 will get a system of 3D cameras ToF (Time of Flight), which will allow to obtain reliable information about the objects, using light pulses. A special sensor will perceive the depth of field space, creating a three-dimensional model of the surrounding objects. All this will significantly improve the quality and depth of object portrait pictures.
  • Smartphones Apple for the first time will get the support of networks of the fifth generation. Despite the fact that Qualcomm is ready to deliver 5G modems, Apple has postponed the implementation options until 2020. And it is quite reasonable to base infrastructure in most countries is still not ready.
  • iPhone (2020) receives the acoustic fingerprint scanner. The sensor reads the biometric information via sound waves or pulses. The scanner is built right into the smartphone display, and that means that users will have two ways of unlock the phone — Face ID and Touch ID.
  • All models of the iPhone in 2020 will be equipped with OLED-matrices. IPS screens will be a thing of the past.

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