iPhone 6 Plus: Big brother number two

In South-East Asia love big phones, and those territories for some time was not poverty-stricken outskirts of civilization. Now it was a huge rewarding market, and Steve, most likely, would have appreciated the attempt to confront the universal decay.

For this new huge market was created by iPhone 6 Plus, the success of which was considerable – but did not meet expectations. And here is attempt number two.

Mainland China, the most private and mysterious of the industrialized countries of the world, Apple managed to open their products is not easily. Local companies are not obliged to adhere to international copyright laws, shamelessly copied everything they liked. Including smartphones from Apple.

The market is huge, rich (100 million “new Chinese” can easily afford such extravagances), with the specificity.

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus were sold in other regions – but this is where they feel at home.

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Both brothers (the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus) was announced on 9 September, any of them could pre-order since 12 September, and in sale they arrived on 25 September. And even the record results for the Friday-Saturday-Sunday from 25 to 27 September 2015 they have in common – 13 million.

Certainly in the Apple stores, reports that carefully counted how many of these 13 million were iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus how much, with accurate data for all sizes of flash memory. But this, somehow, is a mystery.

25 Sep 2015 sale “brothers” began in the 12 most important countries for Apple, among which were China, Hong Kong (part of China) and Singapore.

According to experts, one in four iPhone 6s/6s+ 13 million sold in first three days of sales, was sold in South-East Asia. 3.25 million. Basically big smartphones (plantation), Golden and rose-Golden color.

This market was not an easy prey: here you have to compete with the very cheap local development “based on” recent models of the iPhone that looked almost cuter than the originals – on the local taste. But inferior quality parts.

And iPhone 6s Plus are all superior to all previous models of iPhone, it was designed and optimized to the limit, he had spent a hundred times more time than any of the cheap imitations. It does not cost cheap, but its high price was justified.

Then the recession and the crisis came on the market.

Of big brother

Surprising, but true. Technically he was almost one to one identical to the iPhone 6s – same Apple A9, with the exact same Twister CPU overclocked to the same GHz to 1.85, and with the same 6-cluster GPU, PowerVR GT7600. The same 2 GB of LPDDR4 (3, 200 MHz), the same NVMe.

Twister and PowerVR GT7600 was sufficient to almost tablet screen to the plantation was not inferior to his younger brother in anything.

But there were differences. For example, optical stabilization, photo and video shooting. This is really important plus, I know people who bought an iPhone for her.

In addition, the huge body of the plantation was able to accommodate large batteries.

Thanks to Adaptability (technology, introduced in iOS 8), the phablet could behave almost like a small tablet – but alas, no Split View, no parallel execution of two applications at the same time it is not supported.

But, as in little brother, its sustainability was thoroughly covered. The corps was of the most durable of aluminum alloy I could find – type 7000, special zinc alloy designed for the aerospace industry.

And the glass that protects the screen, too, especially the strength. In developing this glass Apple is involved – does the company have appeared and glaziers?

Weighed iPhone 6s Plus 192 grams (iPhone 6 Plus – 172).


Screen size diagonal – 5.5 inches (140 mm) with a resolution of 1920×1080, pixel density of 401 ppi.

The brightness is the same as that of the screen’s younger brother – 500 CD/sqm Contrast a little less, 1300:1.

3D Touch support, IPS, two domain pixels.

Protective surface of the screen itself is LCD and touch matrix were tightly joined together as one, tightly – which increased the strength of the plantation, but makes it difficult to repair: if damage to any part of the build had to change everything at once.


In the US, when purchased along with a 2-year contract (with a binding to the operator), as always, the iPhone 6s Plus look incredibly affordable. A version with 16 Gigabytes of flash memory cost these onerous conditions $ 299, a variant with 64 GB is 399, and 128 GB – 499.

Without reference to the operator and without SIM card the same options cost 749, 849 and 949 USD.

To be continued…

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