iPhone 6s: the Ninth life iPhone

How will the new iPhone knew almost everything. Guess the name and what he in principle will be different from the previous one, without the letter “S” in mourning frame on the housing. Leakage too, but the reason for knowledge not.

In the first half of 2015 from the thinking of the audience in any doubt that the iPhone this year, all will be updated. Because the industry of smart phones is literally hanging. With very few exceptions, Apple’s competitors took a break. Updates almost was not, and those that did happen were more of a degradation than moving forward.

It was about survival, reduction of costs and prices was the most effective means to defer a sad end. To once again reinvent the smart phone to thrilled audiences endured new to the shelves – would be great, but alas. In 2007-2014, by trial and error, the ideal design pocket multifunction devices was found, and significantly improve it was not possible.

The leak of the top secret bowels of the campus on Infinite Loop happened strikingly in time. It became known that Apple is working on a new iPhone model. More details leak did not disclose, but to think out everything else not needed no seven spans in a forehead, or even three and a half.

In the fall of 2014 released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the most unusual iPhone model in their entire short history. New size, new design, unusual colors. In 2015, one would expect the S-version of these phones, with the radical changes in.

Last time, the S-version of the iPhone 5 became the world’s first 64-bit smartphone. The iPhone 4S debuted with Siri. Than they entertain a bored audience at this time? If they can bring it out of lethargy, to awaken the passion faded and restart the industry?

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A powerful argument

iPhone 6s were heavier than the iPhone 6 at 14 grams. S-options are always heavier than “zero” prototypes. The exception was only iPhone 3GS which was on 2 grams lighter than the iPhone 3G. But it happened in ancient times, in the first phone S series, more so they were not mistaken.

14 grams extra weight and strengthening the body, and tactile sensors with 3D Touch support (technology related, but not identical, Force Touch), and a more severe system-on-chip Apple A9, new cameras, and much more. And it took only 14 grams!

the iPhone 6s would have failed any tests on water resistance, but compared with previous models of the iPhone it is much better endured such adversity. That was not at all accidental: the work in this direction was conducted, the design of the iPhone 6s were modified which increases its chances to survive in case of accidental contact with water.

The heart of the system-on-chip Apple A9 was 2-core processor Twister with a clock frequency of 1.85 GHz, the modest specifications which nobody could cheat. In the industry in the specification could not believe no one – not least because of Apple.

And Twister again exceeded expectations, and 8-core competitors. In 2015, he just was not a worthy opponent. Competitors took defeat painfully and amid fallen into the gloom of the industry suddenly began to sparkle with iridescent flashes. The first Twister did not stay long. Perhaps, for the sake of this race it was worth publishing.

6-cluster GPU from PowerVR, 2 GB LPDDR4 (3200 MHz), NVMe to access the flash memory, a huge (for a smartphone, bigger than many tablets and laptops) the cache higher level, it is not surprising that the iPhone 6s was very fast.

3D Touch, Touch ID, the second generation (an order of magnitude more efficient than before), NFC, rear and front-facing camera (with a resolution of 12 and 5 Megapixels), controlled precision and the world’s best software – the phone was more than attractive and nice.
4 color options (added rose gold, borrowed from the Apple Watch). Beautiful but I would choose bronze cannon (Space Gray).

But no 3D Touch (breakthrough to a new dimension) or larger-than-average resolution of cameras or other objects associated with it (mostly borrowed from competitors), alas, the revolution is not pulled. Good, efficiently assembled from the highest quality materials, cozy and friendly – perhaps the best in the world. Only not in order.

iPhone 6s as a means of communication

Programs for different purposes for iOS was indecently much. For every taste and color. Because of the Metal, the iPhone is now easily cope with the most demanding games that could not every desktop computer.

Getting back to basics, the iPhone is a very smart and advanced iPod, but besides this and a phone, and Internet Communicator. In the first place – a means of communication.

To the iPhone 6s as the phone did not have any complaints. The phone was produced in four variants optimized for different regions of the world and mobile operators, two of them of a variant intended for China. And two for all others. In the Russian Federation, like, work everything.

WiFi support at the highest for the year 2015 level. 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with MIMO. Bluetooth 4.2. The means of communication can be attributed to the NFC.


The diagonal size of 4.7 inches (119 mm). Resolution 1334h750, the density of 326 pixels per inch. Exactly like the iPhone 6.

The screen itself is very clear, with the two-domain pixels, IPS, and other advanced “tricks”. Brightness 500 CD/sqm, contrast 1:1400.

In 2015 the race screens in the industry almost stopped. Relevant in the years of rapid growth, great screens become a luxury item. Apple did not give up their advantages in favor of the vicissitudes of life. Very proud and incredibly brave Apple.

In addition, even in a recession its circulation was large enough. Could afford.

Fate and rates

iPhone 6s (along with its “big brother”) announced on 9 September, starting September 12, it was possible to pre-order, not to stand in queues. Sales began on 25 September.

For Friday and the weekend has sold 13 million iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. A new record. This record could take place, Apple has signed a contract for the production of systems-on-chip from two companies – Samsung and TSMC. It was assumed that the demand for these models will continue to be the same but to restart the industry, and to bring her life Apple failed.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the first iPhone models in their entire history, whose sales declined compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They do not deserve this fate, but it happened.

Unknown, could Steve jobs to change the situation, or it’s hopeless. Is it possible to re-invent the smart phone?

The price with deferred payments 6s with 16 Gigabytes of flash memory cost $ 199, 64 GB is 299 and 128 GB – $ 399. The unspoilt view, it’s almost nothing.

Honest prices, without reference to the operator and any deferred payments, the iPhone 6s cost 649, 749 and 849.

To be continued

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