iPhone 7: In the smoke and even blacker than black

Until 2016, the iPhone without the “S” in the model designation pleased (or upset) the audience changes. iPhone 7 exception. Competitors are placed in smaller screens smartphones with a big diagonal, and it would be appropriate to meet this challenge – but, after weighing “for” and “against”, this decided not to hurry.

Judging by a few sentences uttered by Phil Schiller, around the Home button in the Apple burst into a serious discussion. Conservatives won. Moreover, now in the design of this button also do not have the mechanical moving parts, it is now also able to respond to pressing with varying force.

Screens covering the entire front surface of the phone was bound to come on the iPhone, but I am grateful to everyone at Apple who defended the Home button. Phil confessed his love to the button, and I also think that any other option could not be worse.

However, the reason for the preservation of the previous design could be depression best designer in the world who could not or did not want to put your heart and soul into this product, and without it, something did not happen. I’m talking about Jonathan Ive, who is very pained by the failure of the Apple Watch. Recently I learned that a smart watch was his dream, apparently since 1999.

To create a new phone he attended, but sporadically and without enthusiasm. And those who had to replace him, apparently, just didn’t have the courage. Or skill. None of the proposed options was not approved. About these options is only known that they were.

According to media reports, this time Apple missed, conceded, acknowledged his powerlessness and “leaked” the market for smart phones. But the volume of sales of the iPhone 7 have denied these speculations. This is one of the “best iPhone” that has stood the test of time. In spite of everything.

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A farewell to arms!

But design changes still was. The color “gunmetal”, aka the color “space gray”, resigned.

To replace space gray came two new. Both black men. Matte black and “black onyx”, which I would describe as “blacker than black”. Funny: Phil Schiller, contrary to all the canons of the company frankly admitted that the cases of this color worse than all the others resist scratches.

But this new color was too beautiful, and, according to unconfirmed reports, it was the most popular.

There were two ways to protect it from cosmetic damage: not to use or not to use it without a case. That’s just in case it was no different (externally) from the iPhone 6s.

It’s another iPhone. Inside.

Classic and familiar design on the background of a rapidly changing world, it even was something. It turns out that Apple considers it beneath his dignity hurriedly to respond to the latest trends of the fashion. And, even if it is a judgement call, it was very successful.

Moreover, throughout the rest of the iPhone 7 was more than modern.

The processor in system-on-chip Apple Fusion 10, with four cores of which in unit of time could only work two, again won 6 – and 8-core competitors in almost all tests. This nobody was surprised, but it didn’t matter.

The battery in the iPhone 7 held, according to Phil Schiller, for 2 hours longer than the battery of the iPhone 6s. The competition looked pale, but charge was enough for the whole day, and apart from grumbling about it in the media no serious consequences it had.

Screen with a contrast ratio of 1400:1 and a brightness of 625 CD/sq m was very good – although the competition that was very good. The brightness of the screen of the iPhone 6s was 500 CD/sq. m.

Main camera (with a resolution in the same 12 MP as the iPhone 6s), was finalized and became better, but on its superiority over competitors, alas, can not speak.

Optical stabilization on the smaller iPhone.

Front camera 7 MP (in the iPhone 6s its resolution was 5 megapixels).

RAM – 2 GB of LPDDR4.

The machine turned out quite decent, but if not unrivalled build quality and carefully selected materials to lead the market, it would have failed.

Deep illusion

the iPhone 7 has been certified as waterproof. If he had to withstand immersion to 50 meters. In fact, everything was much more modest: without any damage, the smartphone can withstand immersion in 1 meter for 30 minutes. Then, within 5-6 hours it should not be connected to the charger.

The experimenters found that the iPhone 7 without any problems takes 35-40 minutes usually (they paid for the test their gadgets are not out of pocket), speaker, with all due respect to Apple and faith in her statement in the next hour or two after the dive sounded unnatural, but the main conclusion was encouraging: accidentally fallen in water iPhone 7 is likely to be able to return to a healthy state.

The experimenters tried to remove the iPhone 7 under the water, all turned out, but those who buy these expensive devices at their own expense I would not recommend to use them for these purposes. The same opinion was held and Apple: as before, the damage caused by submersion is the guarantee did not apply.

The refusal of analog audio output, or a “brave move” by Apple, almost no one was left indifferent. A petition against this bold step was signed by 300 thousand people, activists urged the population to vote against him a dollar.

Adapter to connect analog devices to the Lightning connector included in the package iPhone 7, almost solved these problems – but at the same time to charge the phone and use headphones, it was impossible.

However, Apple heavily promoted the AirPods, for a very reasonable price.

There is no smoke without fire

Problems with inflammable Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was one of the main news all, without exception, the media. Samsung had to withdraw some number of devices (I think two million), and apologize.

Around the same time, another smart phone showed his fiery and sometimes explosive character. It was the iPhone 7. In a few cases it smoked and melted, and in two or three cases just exploded. All of these situations was resolved by Apple through the quiet, there were no casualties, and significant harm.

Of course these cases do not remain without attention of the press and the public, especially that part of it which passionately hates “fruit” company. But, to the disappointment of this population, such cases were few, and until the court of claims is not reached.

Models, prices and sales

Starting 9 September 2016 the iPhone 7 could pre-order. Sales and shipments were to begin on September 16. But two days before that date, Apple announced that all iPhone 7 which are “blacker than black”… sold out.

Everyone who does not agree to buy the iPhone 7 other colors had to wait. The sale was not a record, times have been better – and Apple, on the basis of pessimistic expectations ordered a smaller circulation than before. In December I had more time to reduce runs. But in early 2017, miraculously, the demand for the iPhone 7 increased.

In spite of everything, in the holiday quarter of 2016, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was smart phone number 1 on the market.

In the past, a number of models of the next iPhone was exactly equal to the number of its variants for different regions. The iPhone 7 had 4 regional variation, and only 2 models, iPhone9,1 and iPhone9,3. The first model was produced in three variants: for networks of Verizon, Sprint and China Mobile); for Japan (A1779) and the special version for China Mobile (A1780).

The second model supported networks AT&T, T-Mobile and in very large number of networks of various operators worldwide.

iPhone 7 was offered in 3 variants, with 32, 128 and 256 Gigabytes flash memory, in the U.S. unlocked and not tied to any operator they asked for 649, 749 and 849. If you have, write in our Telegram chat.

To be continued

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