iPhone 8 Plus in Russia fell by almost 40% since the beginning of sales

The dogs bark, the caravan moves on. This saying best describes the pricing policy that Apple takes in their products. Even if sales are really bad, in Cupertino rarely allow ourselves to show weakness and to reduce the price of the unpopular product, not to mention popular and so are buying. Whether it is the independent retailers. They not only carried out various actions with the cashback and trade-in, attracting buyers, but simply discounts that can be obtained without additional conditions.

iPhone 8 Plus

According to “Yandex.Market”, as of the August 2019 iPhone 8 Plus with a storage capacity of 64 GB you can buy cheaper 41 thousand to 56 thousand rubles at the start of sales.

Prices iPhone 8 Plus

Of course, it would be gray instance, imported into Russia, unofficially, with all the consequences. But if the American or British plug, will likely not scare off the buyer, the difficult conditions of warranty service – easily.

The warranty on grey iPhone

Despite the fact that the Russian representative office of Apple repair warranty all iPhone, without exception, the term of service gray machines is only one year versus two years from the official. Last year it should be in accordance with the Law “On protection of consumer rights”, and it is a distinct advantage of the devices purchased from authorized Resellers.

Is it worth buying iPhone 8 Plus in 2019

Definitely, Yes. In my opinion, the iPhone 8 Plus is the most optimal choice, which turns out to be even more preferred than iPhone XR. Not only that, “eight” costs almost 10 Grand less, which you can buy cheap Android smart phone reserve or accessories depending on needs, and has a number of advantages.

First, the iPhone 8 Plus has a dual camera which, like it or not, provides the user with more options – from optical zoom to portrait photography of any object, not only people, as in the case XR for iPhone.

Second, the iPhone 8 Plus is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, and this method of unlocking is still preferred by many users. This is due to the fact that fingerprinting requires less the actionthan the person scanning and also allows you to remove the lock without holding the phone to your face. Among the adherents of the Touch ID, by the way, is the founder AppleInsider.ru Mikhail Korolev.

Thirdly, the iPhone 8 Plus is a iPhone reference management system. Despite the fact that iPhone X Apple developers have managed to implement a reasonable model of interaction with the interface using gestures, they are much worse than what the company offered before. Like it or not, but the gestures need to remember, and sometimes it can take up to a week, until you earn mechanical memory. In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus they can start to use right out of the box.

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We have a good phone with more than the actual hardware, a high level of performance and price, which is only slightly above the price level before the crisis. And which iPhone would you buy? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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