IPhone Battery explode after driving the man some to see if they are genuine and valid


The problem with lithium ion batteries is that they tend to burn when they contain, this is why we can’t when we hear about cases of burning batteries, some devices such as smart phones. It has been recently monitoring the process of burning a new smartphone in China.

In fact, it has been said that there is a man in China tried to get battery for iPhone in the market of used electronics. According to the report, it seems that this guy wanted to lose a smartphone battery to make sure it is valid. His request was fairly reasonable because some vendors of smart phones used are known to replace original batteries with another cheaper non-genuine.

However, it seems that for some reason, this guy thinks that biting the battery could be a way to test their validity, but it is clear that the testing process did not end in his favor so that burned the battery shortly after doing so. Fortunately, it was reported that the man did not hurt any injuries. So, if there is a lesson to learn here is to avoid biting lithium ion batteries or any other batteries fear to explode in your mouth.

The post card of the iPhone to implement after the man some to see if the original Maker appeared first on electronic.

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