iPhone breaks free…

January 11, 2011, on a half-hour press conference, Verizon Wireless announced the start of sales of the Verizon iPhone next month. Agreement of Verizon and Apple were not exclusive. Apple was no longer tied to a single mobile operator in the United States. Between Apple and AT&T (formerly Cingular), probably in early 2007, the contract was made. And maybe sooner. Those who called the attempt by Apple to enter the mobile market with more than unusual telephone hopeless adventure they were absolutely right. The rules in this market have established mobile operators.

They decide suitability for their network specific smartphone or not. the iPhone was definitely not their customer. None of them never and never will deal with them. Adventure, senseless and hopeless. Crazy. Nonsense.

They were absolutely right, and the iPhone would go down in history as one of the epic failures, if not for one thing…

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Apple Music Event 2005

iPhone would go down in history as one of the epic failures, but Apple Computer is not the first time thought about creating your own mobile phone and knew how much this fast growing market. In the 90s there was such a project, and ended in nothing.

To zero, the matter came in an adult. The company urgently needed “your operator”, and to befriend him was only possible by participating in a joint project.

Motorola + Cingular + Apple Computer = Motorola ROKR (https://appleinsider.ru/apple-v-licax/mobilnyj-telefon-s-dostupom-k-itunes-motorola-rokr.html).

A regular phone with iTunes, without Apple raisin, not having success – from Apple was waiting for something more interesting. With all this history was something wrong.

But Steve, in a personal meeting, something told the head of Cingular (gradually turning into AT&T), perhaps not without a field distortion of reality. Steve can be very convincing, and his risky plan promised huge profits.

The contract is a product of nonresistance of the parties. Something had to give. For some time AT&T was the only mobile operator in the United States for the iPhone.

Neither Motorola nor its ROKR, Apple is no longer interested.

Apple + AT&T = …

Epic failure of the iPhone did not.

When his triumphant success was obvious, the cellular operators themselves sought to enter into an agreement with Apple, and was prepared for anything. To indulge all the vagaries of unbridled ladies with the claims. No matter how weird and wacky they may seem. Applications became more and more immodest and promising.

iPhone almost from the first day were taken outside of the United States, some of my friends, he appeared almost in July. They were taken not only here, and not so much.

Outside of the United States of money was even greater. And nobody had to explain what it is – the iPhone and iPad.

AT&T, knowing that this situation won’t last forever, hurry to get enough. The service was not too friendly, coverage grew more slowly than desired, the price is also not pleased if you would place the iPhone was something else, the triumph would not exist.

AT&T network was not worse than the networks of most (if not all) other operators, just iPhone users this company strongly disliked. Almost hated. It was a very ordinary and unremarkable statement, will of fate has become between the iPhone and them.

And even problems with the antenna a associated with a terrible network AT&T. in Vain.

Verizon Wireless

Press conference of Verizon Wireless opened at 11 o’clock 11th January 2011 (11.1.11). The journalists have promised something big and important, and it was the iPhone 4 for Verizon. Special model iPhone 4: AT&T and T-Mobile used for communication system GSM, and Verizon, Sprint and the other CDMA.

A new model of the iPhone 4 was tested several instances waited for journalists on a special rack so they can try and make sure that they do not cheat.

However, the games in the top-secret mysteries were just games journalists from all already knew. They were waiting for the jobs. The scale of the event was fine. But came on the scene, Tim cook. The second man in the Apple, but…

It turned out that Apple and Verizon have been working together for two years, from February 3, Verizon users can pre-order iPhone 4/CDMA, and from February 10 and all the rest. In late February, the phone will go on sale.

And that the agreement between Apple and Verizon is not exclusive. Apple could sign a similar agreement with the company Spint, and the agreement with AT&T also remains in force. Competition and rivalry: the rates began to decline.

Connection AT&T with antenagate and space adventure

iPhone 4/CDMA offered on the same terms: if you buy with 2-year contract with the operator, it cost 199 dollars for the version with 16 Gigabytes of flash memory and $ 299 for the version with 32. Offered only phones black in color.

Inside the new iPhone 4 were all the same, apart from cellular “radio”. Was the external difference is the new antenna. And hope.

Alas, they were dispelled in the MacWorld lab. The problem will not go away. But a bumper or case, or even a piece of cloth isolating the antenna from holding the phone hand (this way of improving communication journalists dubbed the “duct tape method” – good and evil), as before, turned it into the most reliable iPhone of the time.

A couple of months after the release of the iPhone 4/CDMA, the two instance flew on the ISS for a program of research, the “SpaceLab for iOS”. We studied the behavior of the gyroscope and accelerometer in zero gravity, and other issues. Cell radio in them was replaced by something else from NASA.

This was the last expedition of the Shuttle (STS-135), and the first space flight iPhone.

To be continued

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