iPhone coming this year with the LCD display won’t support 3D Touch, according to a new report

iPhone 3D Touch

I’ve been advertising for feature 3D Touch as the water is next that will change the way we interact with our smartphones, but it’s safe to say that there is probably a small number of iPhone users who might have forgotten that this feature exists. It now appears that Apple may think about giving up this feature in one of its smart phones next three this year, at least.

According to the famous Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that Apple will apparently feature a 3D Touch in the iPhone, which will be provided with LCD screen that would look the size of 6.1 inch. This is not the first time that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts such a scenario, it is still not clear why would you tell Apple to abandon this feature, but maybe she decided to do this to keep costs low, or it could be the reason for the unpopularity of this feature.

However, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also that Apple will use a new technique called is the name of the ” Glass Cover Sensor “. What it do is that it is the purification of the touchpad in the iPhone from the screen to the glass surface. The end result is that the screen of iPhone becomes lighter and more resistant to falls. The downside is that it can make the screen more expensive by around 15%, says that this is one of the reasons that prompted Apple to feature 3D Touch to keep costs low.

He adds that he is expected to say Apple, using the technique of Cover Glass Sensor on the iPhone of the future with screens OLED coming next year, which means that it is likely to be permanently get rid of the 3D Touch in the next year. It is possible that the company Apple choose the iPhone cheaper this year to test the market reaction, but what do you think, would you want to feature 3D Touch it?


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