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Credit is perhaps one of the most controversial products available on the market. Someone with it gains the ability to obtain desired goods without the need to save and thus has only multiplied his fortune, and someone, on the contrary, only worsens their financial situation. As practice shows, smartphones are one of the most popular goods purchased on credit. So we decided to see what our readers relate to the purchase of an iPhone with the borrowing of funds.

Surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of the respondents who participated in the survey conducted in Telegram chat AppleInsider.ruspoke strongly against the purchase of iPhone on credit. However, many of them against the loans as such. According to them, the borrowed funds is permissible only when making important purchases such as a house or car. But smartphones, the choice of which is extremely large, must be purchased solely by funds available.

To buy the iPhone on credit

The remaining participants spoke in favor of the loan. One of them says that he prefers not to buy iPhone for cash. In the end, they concluded, if the Bank lends to you at a symbolic interest, there is no reason to pay the full amount at once. In addition, during the discussion, reference was made to the installment plan that does not provide for any overpayments for a customer and is therefore one of the most popular ways of buying an iPhone. This installment with the proper knowledge allows to save from 10 to 20 and even 30%.

When the loan is valid

Personally, I have long ago formed their attitude to loans and installments. In my opinion, they should be applied only in those cases where the benefits of buying with borrowed funds is higher than from buying their. It is justified when you have the opportunity to invest the money that could be spent on the purchase of the desired product, and to receive as a result of certain manipulations for more money. In the same case, if the loan is encumbrance, which also allows the Bank to profit from your desire to possess the latest iPhone, it definitely should refuse.

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