iPhone economic leaders this year will be used to screen ” Full Active LCD “

ios 12 - iPhone X

Used Apple LCD screens in the iPhone for many years, until 2017 at least where the iPhone X is the first smartphone from the company Apple uses OLED display. Expected to produce the Apple to rely entirely on OLED screens in the future, but when it comes to phones iPhone coming this year, will remain Apple used the LCD in at least one of the models for the next three.

However, according to a new report released recently from the city to the Japanese Macotakara, it seems that the style this year with the LCD will be used to screen Full Active LCD manufactured by the company Japan Display with sensor touch Japan Pixel Eyes. One of the advantages of this screen is that it allows manufacturers to make the screen frame is very thin so that the thickness of the frame to 0.5 mm.

This makes sense given all the leaked photos we received in the past and which you know will not some iPhone screen LCD adult size 6.1 inch. Has shown us that the leaks to the model with the LCD screen boasts the same design models with screen OLED, this thanks screen Full Active LCD.

Of course, it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection, but we hope to be true. Generally, you should make sure of everything when you Apple slide the curtain officially for phones iPhone new in the month of September, as always, although it should be expecting not to get an iPhone with LCD display until October at least if the rumors that we got recently about the production problems are true.



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