iPhone has forced Samsung to make the Galaxy camera S10 really cool

Camera Galaxy S10 will have an extraordinary ability to photograph in comparison with devices of competing manufacturers. It insisted the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics Lee Jean. According to The Korea Herald, he is at the stage of design of the smartphone is interested in his photographic capabilities and ordered that the company’s engineers have paid them more attention, bringing them to perfection, as befits a top-end machine.

If Geena desire to improve the camera Galaxy S10 did not arise out of the blue. According to the interlocutors The Korea Herald, last year the top Manager within the business trip to Europe looked at the Samsung brand store in one of the European countries. The employee of the retail outlet was surprisingly brave, as admitted Dienu that prefers the iPhone to the smartphones of the Galaxy series because of the camera that the iPhone is much better.

What’s wrong with the Galaxy camera

Then Jean realized that the word slave is a reflection of the views of the majority of users who consider camera flagship Samsung devices, at least not as good as the iPhone. One of the claims employee store Samsung the camera Galaxy is the excessive sharpness of the photos. It affects the overall perception of the image, even if it turned out detailed and devoid of noise and various artifacts, explained the seller.

It is not known what changes will be made to the Galaxy camera S10 at the insistence of Lee Jaena. However, if you believe the rumors, the future flagship of the company will receive additional PV panel, which will be responsible for the optical approximation. Thanks to him, users will be able to forget about the digital zoom, which masked the quality of the pictures, not allowing to fully enjoy the details of the frame.

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