IPhone loses 20% of its sales in the Chinese market

Provided market research company IDC IDC recently the latest said that included figures on sales Series for iPhone Famous, which says the manufacturer, U.S. “Apple” produced periodically annually, according to those numbers declined sales of iPhone in China market by about 20% during the fourth quarter of last year compared with the previous sale.

It has made Apple what amount of 13 million USD as revenue sold during the quarter; which if compared to the second quarter of 2018 we will notice a decline by 27%, and 15% on an annual basis, which led him to raise prices in all world markets in order to maintain its margins of profitability, especially when they released a series of EVOx and have been included under it from the model categories top.

Has Apple said in relation to the decline of its sales in the Chinese market to the main reason lies in the decline of the domestic economy in China and a strong dollar. But the truth is that you install the statistics of IDC is to chain the iPhone is losing part of its popularity in the shadow of the high ratio of demand for smart phone brands other occasion such as; Huawei, which has increased their sales by 23.3%, the Oppo 1.5% and Vivo by 3.1% for the same period.

This is indeed what was remarkable in a world where trading has become Huawei phones and Samsung more phones the Evo; so that the infection has moved to the platform to the classifieds that allows its users, both individuals and organizations, carry out operations of buying and selling directly between their various devices such as the market open .

Recall that the models of the iPhone 7 andiPhone8 of the most prominent models that revealed gaps of several in the useful life of the company American giant; it didn’t offer Apple’s new in the world of smart phones. After that it was observed a decline to unprecedented demand series for iPhone overall, but Apple quickly made a model 10 or x which seemed to disclose the trends and new interests of the company notes through the requirements and desires of the user.

Similarly, you might see sales company Shao Chinese smart phones increased by 35% in the same period, but is expected to come to the height when released to their products supporting the network of the fifth generation 5G during the current year. On which was the sales order maker of smart phones in China as follows: Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Apple, and then Shawty.

Recall that Huawei’s sales have dramatically increased and accelerated through a brief period; as demonstrated by this company from increasing strength in delivering technology is much better from the previous, in addition to lower selling prices compared to the price of iPhone is high, resulting in a widening gap between them and Apple.

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