IPhone might save your life by 6 features an emergency

If you have an iPhone in your pocket and has been for serious “handed you the God of no harm” and need assistance or emergency, the iPhone contains tools to save you have to use, or at least to prepare it in anticipation of any of those positions. This is through the 6 benefits can one save a life.

Emergency SOS

If you are in a situation that threatens your life or the life of someone you may iPhone, you can use your phone to connect to the mystery of emergency services in your area. Without even taking out your phone from your pocket, so you can call the emergency number for your site. And adjust the number that will connect to the phone automatically the local area.

Here’s how it works:

◉ On the iPhone 8 or later, is activated, emergency SOS Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until it shows the slider SOS emergency, then drag the slider to hold the call. If you continue to press the buttons, it will run the alert Out Loud will be the iPhone proceeding a تلقائياW.

◉ And for owners of iPhone 7 and earlier, quickly clicking the power button five consecutive times will be the same screen.

◉ Is assigned to contact Emergency SOS automatically according to your area. When the emergency call will iPhone, first call the emergency number for your area and then it will send text messages to the contacts you selected through the Health app automatically with your current location. If you change your site, you will receive your contact update. Continued next point.

ID Medical Medical ID

An extension of the previous version, in the application of your health on the iPhone there is a section “medical identity” through which you can store your medical information is important. And also, you can register more contact persons are contacted automatically and send text messages to them and sending your location after you call the emergency number for your area.

In addition, you can see the information more important than medical terms such as blood group, and medical fully medicines, and other information that may benefit more in the event of an emergency.

Through the preparation of a medical identity on your device iPhone, will be synced on the Apple Watch your own.


Can be iPhone useful in emergency situations in remote places such as deserts, mountains, forests as well as urban areas. If you’re in a place of fear to yourself that you lose, remove your phone and open the application Compass.

It became the Compass app, part of iOS for years, but it is often forgotten among the many other utilities that come with the iPhone. The operation of the compass on the iPhone, was the use of bar magnets and the magnetic field sensor of the land. This is critical, you can use it without internet connection. However, may increase the precision when you use the positioning service of GPS.

The Compass is the best when you hold your phone flat while you use it. You can head through the north only true if the location services available in your phone. Without it, you will be using magnetic north.

Voice Memos and-cloud

If you encounter certain circumstances, you can record a voice message or even record a conversation between you and someone, is a description of the critical situation you’re in. This registration can save yourself from a site. Where it is one of the most important features of Voice Memos is the instant synchronization with all Apple devices via iCloud.

All you have to do is navigate to Settings iCloud then scroll down to the bottom and activate the Voice Memos. Once you do this, run any other device that supports iCloud and set iCloud to make sure log in, and activate the voice memos also. Once you have completed the registration, you will sync this recording with those devices. You need to explain this to at home so that if I’m late for some time, you have to check out those devices that they may find a recorded message from you requesting help.

Google Maps offline to the internet

When in flight or in an area unfamiliar, a map is essential. But the use of paper maps and material these days is so primitive. Instead, the sentence uses the electronic maps on top of Google Maps is brilliant. But what if away into the desert like there is no internet and you have no any cellular network? Don’t worry, you can download the Maps application to Google so that you can use in situation of non-connectivity.

To do this, open the Google Maps application and navigate to the area that you want to download and download them before you travel to the destination for reference in time of need. To reduce the map:

◉ First select the area you want to download the map. In our example choose Alexandria.

◉ Tap on the three lines next to the search bar. Then click on the maps without internet connection.

◉ Will show you a map of the “home” or “custom map”.

◉ Will appear the region to which you want downloaded, click Download. Will give you the size that you might use on his space maps have up to 500 MB.

Obviously, we have done it in early as we have explained, and remember that those maps could be finished at the validity if you do not do so.

Find my friends

Also things that can help to save you using the iPhone. You can keep your friends informed of your location through the app find my friends. Is an application embedded in the iOS system allows you to track your friends ‘ locations and receive notifications when they leave or arrive somewhere.

Add a friend, first suspected to have the app on both devices. And activate share my location through Settings – Privacy – Location Services – then scroll down to the bottom and select the kind of the system – then activate the share my site.

You can contact one of the friends by use Airdrop if you are in the same range close if activated this feature when Also, you’ll see the names automatically when.

Or send him a request email by going to find my friends – add.

In this tricks you can take care for you or one of your family members or even your friends, it may be that methods a reason for our lives or the lives of one another.

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