iPhone more powerful than the XS will not be a new generation of Android flagships

In the Network appeared the results of the iPhone XS in the test AnTuTu, many believe that the company released CPU A12 Bionic, which won’t be able to catch up with the new Android flagships, but it’s not. Results iPhone XS, which is equipped with a processor Apple A12 Bionic, is achievable.

In AnTuTu the iPhone XS is gaining 363525 points. iPhone X is currently gaining about 230 thousand points, and the most productive smartphone on the market to XS Xiaomi Black Shark with a score of 287 thousand points.

To estimate what performance will receive a 7-nm Snapdragon 855, just look at the results of the smartphone Huawei Mate 20, which will be equipped with CPU Kirin 980:

356 thousand points — impressive. Yes, the iPhone XS ahead Mate 20, but the first smartphone based on Snapdragon 845 — Galaxy S9 — gains in AnTuTu 260 thousand points. During the year manufacturers were able to improve the results of 27 thousand points (Black Shark on Snapdragon gaining 845 287 thousand points), so within 2 months after the release of the first Android-smartphone on Snapdragon 855 companies will be able to outpace the iPhone XS in the benchmark, if we assume that the performance of the Snapdragon 855 will be identical to the performance of the processor Kirin.

Thus, to speak of any technical superiority of the iPhone is not worth it. The same applies to the camera, in my opinion, DxO will put XS on the same level as P20 Pro, so have the Huawei in stock for a year to release a new generation with an even better camera.

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