iPhone recognizes you for drawing facial veins

Apple plans to improve the facial recognition system Face ID in the new iPhone. Smartphones will be able to know the owner not just on the face, and using a special pattern of facial veins.

The new patent describes the use of a special emitter and receiver of infrared waves — the radiation will help iPhone to drawing facial veins. Because it is unique to each person, the pattern of blood vessels can be used to identify the user.

New Face ID system will be more precise, moreover to forge the vein would be almost impossible (even creating a three-dimensional model of the person, to trick the scanner will not work). Apple therefore will be able to solve the problem of recognition of the twins as they have different pattern of the blood vessels.

The resulting pattern system is compared to a map of blood vessels of the iPhone owner. Emitters will be able to obtain an image of subcutaneous blood vessels and with a wavelength above 900 nm.

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