IPhone sales begin to grow on the background of the problems Huawei

When the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei, some have decided that now users of China will boycott Apple and just stop buying the iPhone. Part of the Chinese decided to support the domestic manufacturer, did so, however, this has not only led to a drop in iPhone sales, but rather caused their increase. The growth was so significant that soon, Apple will begin to increase production of its smartphones to meet the demand.

Despite the fact that sales growth is far from record levels, Apple will be able to increase the number of iPhone sold 40 million copies in the quarter, predict analysts at Cowen. Previously it was assumed that sales barely reach 39 million units, but because even such a minor by the standards of Apple’s growth against the background of the protracted stagnation can be seen as a success, even to him, the company and resulted in the failure of a competitor.

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Why you should buy an iPhone

Actually it is quite a natural outcome, which was to be expected. Because consumers from around the world learned about the problems of Huawei and possible shutdown of its smartphones from Android, some of them could really withdraw from the purchase of vehicles Chinese brand in favor of the iPhone. It is logical, because if the US was able to deprive Huawei access to American OS, then, in theory it could happen with others. Another thing is Apple, whose smartphones run on our own platform.

The most popular iPhone

A large part of the total shares of the iPhone that Apple sells right now — it’s the flagship iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. They account for almost 75% of all sales, according to the Cowen report. However, analysts did not provide a breakdown by model, from which it would be clear which models most of the consumers give their preferences. The remaining share of sales is almost entirely formed of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 that are still in demand because of low prices and hardware, allowing you to comfortably use your smartphone in most scenarios.

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